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The Caloundra Camera Group was incorporated in 1997 and is affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland. 

The club offers members a wide range of excursions, social activities and photography competitions in a supportive environment for all skill levels.

New members are always welcome regardless of photographic experience or equipment as we strive to encourage the development of photographic skills and knowledge so that we all may achieve and share a greater enjoyment of the art of photography.

Caloundra Camera Group Inc.   
ABN 80 235 726 988

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CCG Meetings
all-day Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
Apr 29 – May 6 all-day
Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
It’s happening, a club trip to Carnarvon Gorge next year. Hidden in the rugged ranges of Queensland’s central highlands, Carnarvon Gorge features towering sandstone cliffs, vibrantly coloured side gorges, diverse flora and fauna and Aboriginal[...]
all-day Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
Apr 29 – May 6 all-day
Carnarvon Calling @ Carnarvon Gorge
It is happening, a club trip to Carnarvon Gorge next year. Hidden in the rugged ranges of Queensland’s central highlands, Carnarvon Gorge features towering sandstone cliffs, vibrantly coloured side gorges, diverse flora and fauna and[...]
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For Share night on the 26th of this month we have Colin Waddell who has always enjoyed photography and has had one camera or another since 1970.

In 2002 Colin became disabled which left him with a lot of time to start experimenting with photography which has led him to where his passion of long exposures lies.

He will be talking on how to take Light-trails with different exposures and will be demonstrating the art of Ghosting and will be seeking a model for this experiment.

Bring along pen and paper to write down some of the advice he has to offer.

There will be time for any questions you may have during his presentation which we are sure you will find most interesting.


Following on we have President Gerry showing how to use spot colour in your photos . This adds a very dramatic element to mono photos so why not come along and see how it’s done.

by Greg Larchin, August 21, 2020

Island Time!

Mark Sunday the 11th of October 2020 in your calendar now, and email Gerry to let him know you are free!

This will be a day on Bribie Island where we meet for morning tea (or coffee). There we will be divided into teams depending on the number of participants, to compete for Cherry Ripe prizes, making photos in response to the clues given to each team.

The first set of clues will have us exploring Woorim where we will meet for lunch, before travelling to Bellara to photograph the answers to more clues before finally finishing off with a shot of an iconic Sunshine Coast view over afternoon tea and heading home, doubtless tired but happy.

by Peter Hyndman, August 17, 2020

Results for competitions in August Digital

There were 9 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in August Digital

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Make my Day
Annette Wood – 9
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Life in His Hands
Bruce Atkinson – 8
A Grade SetSubject Digital

The Standoff
Greg Larchin – 8
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Monsters in the Night
Peter Hyndman – 8
B Grade SetSubject Digital

One Hit Wonder Ty
David Bryan – 8
All Grades Art Photography Digital

Castle Couple
Jeff Heck – 8
All Grades Art Photography Digital

Iconic Story
Greg Larchin – 8
A Grade Open Digital

Taking risks
Leith Morris – 8
A Grade Open Digital

Drink Station
Jeff Heck – 8
B Grade Open Digital

by Bruce Atkinson, August 12, 2020

Some things to look forward to next year!

Bruce Atkinson – The Glasshouses, from Bald Knob Road.

As outlined by our President Gerry at our Competition night this evening, we are introducing some significant changes for Club Competitions in the coming year:


Each month’s set subjects will be run both as colour and monochrome competitions, with the definition of monochrome as follows:
Any photograph containing shades of only one colour. If toning is carried out, it must be over the total photograph – unless otherwise expressly permitted for a particular competition, partial toning and/or the addition of one extra colour is not acceptable in a monochrome section.


The “Art” category remains with a new name and a more descriptive definition:

Creative Photography
Creative photography is an extension of conventional photography into creative art. Its purpose is to stimulate creative thoughts and encourage experimentation with new ideas going beyond a simple photograph.

There should be a significant photographic content, and inclusion of mixed media of any kind (photocopy, paint, transfer, digital etc.) is welcome. It can be a collage or a montage.

The final result must be all the photographer’s own work including the original image.

(NOTE – this definition is for CCG Competition only and differs significantly from “creative” definitions in other external competitions.)


2021 Set Subject definitions are always available for download on our website and may be found under the “INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS” link.

Or you can access them directly here:

by Peter Hyndman, August 12, 2020

It’s life, but not as we knew it!

Our next competition night is Wednesday 12th – just two nights away, and as previously advised we are trialling meeting in person at the Caloundra Bowls Club with a new spacious seating arrangement.

This will be a trial to see how we can manage compliance with the Covid 19 regulations for gatherings, so we do ask everyone to be patient as we feel our way through them. We understand that in the present circumstances not everyone will be comfortable attending, and we will certainly welcome any relevant comment or criticism before finalising our plans for the rest of the year’s meetings.

You can help by not coming if you have even the mildest symptoms of cold or flu or are feeling in any way unwell.   If you have been to a Covid Hotspot in the last 14 days we’d appreciate it if you just don’t come this time either! 

Sanitiser will be provided at the entry for your use on arrival, and you will be required to sign the attendance register before entering.

The room has been rearranged to comply with social distancing requirements – all seats will be 1.5 meters apart, so unless you are a couple you are asked to not move the chairs around.

Supper will be provided for you as usual, and you will have to serve yourself at the counter using disposable cups etc. No one will be permitted to enter the kitchen. 

Before the meeting closes we request that you wipe over your chair with a sanitiser wipe (provided) before stacking it against the wall.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, in these strange times.

Contrary to the advice of earlier today, which was sent in error, PRINT COMPETITIONS will not resume until we are satisfied that we can manage them in a safe manner and in compliance with the regulations.

by Peter Hyndman, August 10, 2020

Photography Course

This course will be using you tube lessons as well as hands on tutorial. So have your camera near by.

Lesson 1

Lesson 4
IntroductionView Home Work
Getting To Know Your CameraExposure Compensation
LensesUnderstanding The Histogram
Camera Exposure ModesZone Focus
Camera Focus ModesTen Minute Discussion
TripodUsing Raw
Ten Minute DiscussionUsing Light 
Photography Foundations 
Exposure Part 1Lesson 5
Lesson 2Composition
Manual camera settingRule Of Thirds
Exposure ValueEye Travel
Exposure TriangleLeading Lines
Aperture PriorityTen Minute Discussion
Shutter PriorityEV Test
ISOTen Minute Discussion
Changing The Camera SettingsThe Master Landscape Painters
Ten Minute Discussion
Automatic exposure modesWorkshop
Taking Great Photographs3 hours taking photos with instruction
Lesson 3Lesson 6
Depth Of FieldCheck Photos taken
Hypofocal DistanceComputer Programs
DOF TableColour Enhancement
Ten Minute DiscussionCropping
Take Photos Around your house etcTen Minute Discussion
Use Camera in manual modeDeleting Images
Use Depth Of FieldBlack & White converting images to B&W,
Thomas Heaton Videocontrast, sepia
5 Ways I Approach Focusing
for Landscape Photography
Lynda DOF

by Gerry Gibson, July 31, 2020


The 2020 President’s Trophy subject is:


Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)”Gerry Gibson

I will be looking for an image of a single bloom, can be taken in the garden or in the bush even as a table top image.

Don’t hold back.

Use selective focus, use shading to control the light if in direct sunlight, may use a flash and reflectors, you could use material behind the flower of a complimentary colour to enhance the bloom, you could use textures over the flower, you could even use ICM.

There are many examples that are to be found on the net, one to look at is Kathleen Clemons, she is good.

Gerry Gibson

If you haven’t visited our website for a while, you may not be aware that background information for this, and all annual trophies and awards may be found by following the “ANNUAL COMPETITIONS” below the
“MEMBERS” button used to enter competitions.

by Peter Hyndman, July 31, 2020

Photographic Course

We will begin this course on Wednesday the 5th of August.

After the initial lesson the timing of the course will be agreed to by the participants.

Included will be a outdoor workshop of 2-3 hours. 

There will be no charge for this member only course, just be ready to learn.

This course will be conducted via Zoom with Greg Larchin and Gerry Gibson, guiding you through the course and answering any and all questions.

The classes are designed to be a beginners course and for those who have some photography knowledge and wish to learn more.

Each week of the course will be conducted via Zoom.

The 6 lessons will cover the the following topics and much more.

How to use your camera, Lens etc.

Exposure. depth of field.




For more details contact Greg, at greg.larchin@bigpond.com

or Gerry, at gg@gerrygibson.com.au 

by Gerry Gibson, July 28, 2020

Australian Cup Results

With 67 camera clubs around Australia entered into the Australian Cup 2020, we are absolutely delighted to announce that we came in at 13 th place with a total of 399 points. The winning club was Australian Horizons with 427 points. Thanks to everyone whose images were selected to represent us. The catalog will be out later tonight and when it comes to hand it will be sent to you.

by Airlie Andrews, July 24, 2020

Bucket List INDIA

Are you Zooming in for Share Night on July 22nd?

Was India on your bucket list for a must see  and now out of the question?  All is not lost. Thanks to Helen, you can Zoom in with Darryl Meredith as he takes us on a journey throughout India next Wednesday evening at 7.00 pm from the comfort of your own home with some of his fabulous photos. When this pandemic is in our past and you want to get back out there this may well be the head start you need to plan an awesome deep delve into the fascinating colour and culture of India.

Don’t go away as after your cuppa we can learn how to benefit by using Leading Lines in our images with our very own Greg Larchin.

Don’t miss this information packed and entertaining share night. See you there!

by Greg Larchin, July 17, 2020