• One-off Joining Fee: $50. This covers our initial set-up costs including the production of your club name badge. We waive this fee for any previous or lapsed members who are re-joining
  • Annual Fee: $60, January to December. If a member joins after September 30, they remain financial to the end of the following calendar year (e.g. joins in October 2019, financial until end of December 2020)
  • Note: We don’t offer any discounts for spouses, pensioners, or juniors, etc.


  • Cash: Pay the Treasurer at a regular CCG meeting
  • Direct Debit Bank Transfer:
    • BSB: 656-400 (Auswide Bank)
    • Account No.: 102 588 775
    • Reference: Your Name


1. REGISTER AT MyPhotoClub

If you already have a MyPhotoClub account, login as usual and email our Secretary at: to notify them that you have a MyPhotoClub account and want to join Caloundra Camera Group. Please include your name and email address and go to step 2

If you are NOT already a registered subscriber on any other MyPhotoClub website, register on our website at:

  • Click the red “Login/Register” button at the top-right of the home page
  • Choose “New Account” tab
  • Enter first and last names, and email address
  • Enter a password (must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one lower-case letter, one capital letter, and at least one number or special character)
  • Email our Secretary at: to notify them that you have created a MyPhotoClub account and want to join Caloundra Camera Group. Please include your name and email address

You will be registered as a “Subscriber” on our website, but you will not have membership status until you have paid the fees.


Pay fees. When fees are received (and you are a registered subscriber on our website) the Treasurer will add you to the Membership List as an ungraded member.

Once you are on the membership list, you should login and go to your profile at:


Enter your contact details; please ensure that your address contains both the State and Country (without these you will not be able to enter external competitions). Please also enter some details to your Photography Bio and upload a self-portrait so members can recognise you (Note: All of your personal information is secure and available only to other members; avatar images are not necessary)


After you have received confirmation of your membership, submit grading images for assessment and assignment to grade:

Login to CCG MyPhotoClub website at:

To see the required image specifications, click the “Information for Members” button. The specifications are displayed in summary under the COMPETITION heading titled ” Image File Specification Summary”.

THEN return to the Home Page and click on the “MEMBERS” link.
Click “UPLOAD GRADING IMAGES” button. The procedure for uploading images is self explanatory (click on the box “Click to add or drag image file here” for each image to be uploaded.) If further information is required please review the video link above titled “Entering a Competition”.

Your portfolio of images for grading should contain six images. The Grading Committee recommends that you include a range of images from different genres, for example: Landscape, Portrait, Nature, Social Documentary, Sports, etc.

On the Upload Entries for Grading page, follow the instructions to upload and SUBMIT your images. After submitting your images, use the link provided to notify the Grading Officer by email.


The Grading Officer will email the results of the grading procedure to you and you will be able to begin submitting entries to competitions.