Collection of Prints for Annual Award Judging

All prints that scored 7, 8 or 9 this year are eligible for annual award judging to select the best print in each category. That is A and B grade for colour set subject, and open subject, and set subject mono (A and B grade).

Collection date for all prints is this Wednesday 22nd November at the Club competition night. We will have two tables with signs for each category. The eligible prints are to be placed in the relevant stack when you arrive at the Club.

Make sure you have each print labelled as per our standard labelling procedure – especially your name, the image title, your grade and the relevant subject section, so that they can be confirmed to be in the correct stack. Keep your images separated so that they can be easily placed onto the correct stacks.There is the possibility that any print that is found later to be in the incorrect category may be disqualified during the judging process.

If you cannot make it to Wednesday night Club meeting, then organise for a member to bring your prints for you. Committee members will be available, or you can organise this with a friend.

Wednesday night is closing date for all categories, as the prints will be taken for judging on Thursday morning, in order to have them assessed in time.

All eligible DPI images will be sent automatically to the Judge for assessment, so do not worry about these images.

For the President’s Trophy, you will need to bring your prints along on Wednesday night also. These need to be labelled with the image title and President’s Trophy only, and will be given a number on the night so that these prints remain anonymous. Make sure that you register your prints on the MPC website, which is under EDI Digital Competitions.

And I wish you great success in the competitions.

Error in October Newsletter

There was an error in the October issue of Coastal Exposures. Near the bottom of page 6, the heading ‘The President’s Trophy — Subject: “What’s That?”‘ should be ‘The President’s Trophy — Subject: “Repetitive patterns with a single point of interest”‘ As of 11:10 am, Thursday, 2nd November, the downloadable PDf Newsletter has been corrected.
Apologies –Ed.

Its On to the Annual Awards

Results are now on the website for our October competitions, with a generous judge giving lots of awards (because there were lots of good images). Please make comment on the images if you wish.

Our final set subject of Special Effects is now closed, and that only leaves the annual awards and perpetual trophies to go. These can be entered in the usual way on the website by going to the Enter DPI Competitions.

Don Attree Award: NATURE (One DPI image)

Robin Simpson Award: AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE (One DPI image)

The Presidents Trophy: REPETITIVE PATTERNS WITH A SINGLE POINT OF INTEREST (Two prints – these need to entered as DPI images on the website).

Good luck and don’t forget the Christmas Party on 9th December.

Please Read: Outcomes from Committee Meeting

The Club Committee met last night and discussed a range of issues relating to our Club. Below is a summary of relevant issues.

  1. It was agreed that direct criticism of judges during the judging process is not accepted and will not be tolerated. The MC for the night is there to control the night’s proceedings and will intervene if this situation should arise. Any concerns may be expressed to the Judge or Committee members privately.
  2. ‘Duplicate Images’ were discussed and it was agreed that all current rules will stand as they are. This states that any image that scores 7, 8 or 9 may not be entered into competition again. There is no rule regarding a person entering similar images, and if this does happen it is only to the entrants possible detriment.
  3. We have a Facebook page that is not used by all members or all Committee members. Consequently any discussion on the Facebook page cannot be dealt with directly by the Committee. If a person has a specific issue it will need to be directed to a Committee member. This applies only to issues that are for consideration by the Committee.
  4. It was agreed that personal attacks between members are not helpful, and that it is important to focus on issues rather than people. We are a social club of photographers and should be encouraging and supportive.
  5. It has been agreed to replace our ageing projector as soon as possible.

November Set Subject is “Special Effects”

September results (Set Subject: “Hands”) are now published. It was an all-round entertaining evening. October entries (“Time”) are now closed. The November Set Subject is “Special Effects” and entries close on October 25th. May you all come up with something very “special”.

Special Effects: There are many ways to make “special effects.” Techniques can be produced in your camera, e.g. photographing fire spinning with steel wool, painting with light; or using editing software, e.g. blending textures. Any special effects would be considered as acceptable, and should be a dominant part of the image.

Community photography event calendar

With the aim of spreading information across clubs MyPhotoClub is now supplying a community calendar.

The calendar is a place where any person can post an event that other photographers may be interested in.

Access the calendar from the purple button underneath the Welcome your firstname on the top left of the home page.

Anyone can create an event.  Please put anything that if of interest to photographers.  Trips, tutorials and other commercial ventures are OK.  Just be clear where fees apply.  Great photography worthy events such as street parades are all welcome.

I welcome your feedback on this service.