November issue of Newsletter available for download — Important Matters

The November issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters page; just click the “Newsletters” button on the Home page. Or download a PDF copy by clicking this link:

   Some important matters that could affect all members are included in this issue of the Newsletter.

   The Committee urges you to please read carefully — before Share Night on Wednesday — “From the President’s Desk” on page 1, and the article entitled “Art Photography vs Open Category” in section Tips and Tutes on pages 6–7, which also includes several links to further useful information. Page 8 also contains helpful information on Art Photography. Be fully prepared and knowledgeable for our new competition category in 2019.

   Our thanks to Nikki for another professionally produced Newsletter containing important and enlightening material for all members.

Revised copy of 2019 Set Subject Definitions

A revised PDF copy of the 2019 Set Subject Definitions is now available for download via the following link:”

or from the home page, go to: Members > All Club Information … > CCG Competition Information > Next Year’s CCG Set Subject Definitions.

Please note that, experimentally, the Committee has decided to not give definitions for subjects “That’s Funny” and “It Must Be Wet”.

Club Competitions for 2019

We have a new structure for our Club competitions for next year, starting in February. And we have a switch of Competition nights from the 4th to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The competitions for 2019 are:

Set Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

The current set subject mono for prints and DPI’s is being replaced by the Art category.

This is to encourage more creative works from members, and hopefully this will include many monochrome entries.

The Results are out for October

Sorry for the delay, but the results are finally out for all the October competitions.

That only leaves our Annual competitions and perpetual trophies to go. Entries close on Wed 14th November, which is a competition night.

Make sure you bring along all of your prints that have scored 7 or above this year for image of the year judging.

And don’t forget to register and pay for our Christmas Party on Sat 8th December.

Tewantin Shield Preselection Results

Preselection of Tewantin Shield entries is complete. The selected images are:

Nature (NA) People (PE) Pictorial (PI) Looking Down (SS)
“What the” by Ty Fox “Surprise” by Nikki Stewart “Scanno by Night” by Jane Weir “Found” by Nikki Stewart
“Cattle Egrets and Chicks” by David Bryan “Determination” by Annette Scott “Sophie’s Lamp” by Murray Weir “Staircase in Rome” by Annette Wood
“Infested Bee” by Helen Debnam “Jumping Mad” by Annette Scott “The Long Journey” by Nikki Stewart “Mayhem” by Murray Weir
“Three King Penguins” by Annette Wood “Novice Boy Monk 2” by David Bryan “Razing Scanno” by Murray Weir “Delicious” by Nikki Stewart
“My Hiding Place” by Ty Fox “Yellow Parasol” by Ann Bryan “End of an Era” by Terry Bradley “Inquisitive” by Annette Wood

An addition round of judging was necessary to decide 5th place in People, out of 3 tied images, and 5th place in Pictorial, out of 2 tied images. You can view all the entered images by logging in to MyPhotoClub and using the following link:

Alternatively, go to: Members > View Completed Competitions > (choose the subject under 2018 collections).

Sincere thanks goes to our six judges; they know who they are. Thanks also to all the members who submitted entries and congratulations to those whose images are now in transit to the Tewantin Shield organisers. Judging of all the club entries will take place starting at 7:00 pm on 17th November, 2018 at the CWA Hall, Short Street, Nambour. Judges are John Lomas LAPS PSQA SSAPS FPSQ, Stan Bowles PSQA, Les Strong LAPS. And with our stunning collection of images, we’re bound to win.

September issue of Newsletter available for download

The September issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters page; just click the “Newsletters” button on the Home page. Or download a PDF copy by clicking this link:

Thanks Nikki for another masterpiece (created during a period of heavy workload and stress). Good luck with the exam results!

November Set Subject and More…..

Firstly, a reminder that the set subject for November is FORGOTTEN OBJECTS, with closing date Wed 24th October.

A chance to use your imagination, but subjects must be items that have been forgotten, unloved or unused.

Before you submit your entries to make it fair on all members, please make sure that they conform with the definition.

Secondly, a mention of the results of the Australia Cup which our club entered earlier this year. Our club came in 21st of 46 clubs around Australia, which is a solid result, but the main news was that Ed Anderson scored an APS Silver Award for his entry Fast Moves. A top three finish from clubs all around Australia. Extremely well done Ed.

Thirdly, we have some new members who have just joined our Club. Mike West and Airlie Andrews have already been to a few of our meetings, and also Bill Ewen has joined us from Hervey Bay. Please make the new members welcome.

2018 Tewantin Shield Preselection — Open for entries

The annual Tewantin Shield comp is open to all grades. It is a digital image comp. There are 4 categories. Colour or Monochrome accepted. 

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday, 5th October.

IMAGE SPECIFICATIONS: Pixel Size: 1620 × 1080; Colour Space: sRGB; JPEG Quality: Maximum (Note: MPC may limit entries to 2MBytes, so set JPEG quality accordingly. Selected entries may be re-edited for a higher quality if the member considers this necessary.)

BEFORE ENTERING: Download the instructions PDF:

Download the Official Rules PDF from the organisers: