CCG Competition Documents Relocated

Members can now access “CCG Competition Rules and Procedures”, “2018 Set Subjects Definitions”, and “Competition Image Specifications” via the Club Rules & Documents button on the Members Area page. This information is still also available via the page-wide, magenta, buttons at the top of relevant competition pages.
Apologies for any inconvenience, it was not possible to bring these links together in one convenient location earlier, while the 2018 renovations were incomplete. Further useful documents will be added to the “Club Rules & Documents” page soon.

2017 Annual Awards

It was a most excellent Annual Awards and Christmas Party last night, with a good time had by all. Great judging by Robyn Hills, taking a most modern and quirky approach to her adjudications. We had many winners on the night, but two standout performers, which was a reflection of their excellent work throughout the year. And we look forward to an even better year next year.

And the Winners were:

Maria: Don Attree Nature Award, A grade set subject DPI Image of the Year, A grade set subject accumulated points, Monochrome set subject accumulated points, A grade open accumulated points.

Nikki: Image of the Year, Presidents Trophy, B grade set subject Print Image of the Year, Monochrome set subject Print Image of the Year, B grade set subject DPI accumulated points.

Ed, A grade set subject Print accumulated points, A grade open subject print Image of the Year,

Lorraine: B grade Open DPI accumulated points, B grade set subject DPI Image of the Year.

Paul: B  Grade Open Print Image of the Year, B grade Open DPI Image of the year.

Michelle: B grade set subject print accumulated points.

Murray: Monochrome set subject print accumulated points.

Greg: A grade open print accumulated points.

Kath: B grade open print accumulated points.

Jane: A grade set subject print Image of the Year.

Ralph: Monochrome set subject DPI Image of the Year.

Leith: A grade open DPI Image of the Year.

Helen: Robin Simpson Landscape Trophy

Annette Scott: Alf Easton Most Improved member.

Second places in the Accumulated Points went to: Bruce, Kath, Nikki, Keven, Murray, Michelle, Lorraine, Annette Scott, Rhonda and David.

And the promotions to A grade were: Nikki Stewart and Lorraine Brace.

Last Monthly Competition of the Year

The results have been published for our November competitions. And that means we have our accumulated points winners for the year.

Congratulations to all the winners. We have had many excellent images over the year, and each winner is well deserving of their top position in their category.

And so we can start to turn our thoughts to next year, with Scapes as the subject for January.

A scape may be defined as a vista or broad view. The vista or scene may be landscape, seascape, city, urban or and other scene, but the emphasis must be on the vista, rather than featuring a specific subject.

Closing date for January competition is 31st December. Please note that the resolution for all DPI images for next year will be 1620 x 1080, with the maximum file size remaining at 2 MB.

We hope to see you at the Annual Awards and Christmas Party on Saturday 9th December.

Collection of Prints for Annual Award Judging

All prints that scored 7, 8 or 9 this year are eligible for annual award judging to select the best print in each category. That is A and B grade for colour set subject, and open subject, and set subject mono (A and B grade).

Collection date for all prints is this Wednesday 22nd November at the Club competition night. We will have two tables with signs for each category. The eligible prints are to be placed in the relevant stack when you arrive at the Club.

Make sure you have each print labelled as per our standard labelling procedure – especially your name, the image title, your grade and the relevant subject section, so that they can be confirmed to be in the correct stack. Keep your images separated so that they can be easily placed onto the correct stacks.There is the possibility that any print that is found later to be in the incorrect category may be disqualified during the judging process.

If you cannot make it to Wednesday night Club meeting, then organise for a member to bring your prints for you. Committee members will be available, or you can organise this with a friend.

Wednesday night is closing date for all categories, as the prints will be taken for judging on Thursday morning, in order to have them assessed in time.

All eligible DPI images will be sent automatically to the Judge for assessment, so do not worry about these images.

For the President’s Trophy, you will need to bring your prints along on Wednesday night also. These need to be labelled with the image title and President’s Trophy only, and will be given a number on the night so that these prints remain anonymous. Make sure that you register your prints on the MPC website, which is under EDI Digital Competitions.

And I wish you great success in the competitions.