August Newsletter available for download

The August issue of the Newsletter is now available for download from MyPhotoClub website. Go to: About the Club > Newsletters (Newsletters are in the public space, so you don’t need to be logged in). Click the link below the cover image to download a PDF copy. Note: Due to a glitch in the MPC MailPoet system, the July Newsletter post was not emailed to members; hopefully, this is now corrected.

It is TIME for October

The September competition of HANDS is now closed.

And for October the subject is TIME.

‘Finding time, time warp, hands of time – however you want to interpret is up to you. “TIME” can be taken literally by photography of a timepiece like an interest watch, clock or even a sundial. Or get out there and think about time as a long exposure, star trails or a moment frozen in time.’

The Subject is HAND(S) for September

We have all the results published for the July competition, so you may view them now on the website, and also make comment if you would like.

Hand(s) is the set subject for September.

The hand(s) must be the centre of focus of the image and clearly tell a story to the viewer. The image should portray a story of one or more hands in an active or emotional way e.g. hard work, caring/emotion, strength, fun etc.

Share Night for August – Selena Rollason

Here is a short bio on our presenter for the Share Night on Wed 9th August.

It looks impressive, and certainly an evening not to be missed. Here are a few words from Selena.

Selena Rollason is an internationally award winning professional birth photographer from Queensland, Australia who has built a full time career photographing birth. Her birth images are known worldwide and beautifully document some of the most raw and special moments that families experience on the day they meet their baby. She has won International, National and State Photography Titles for her work – taking out 1st place in the Photojournalism at the WPPI annual print competition 2 years running, as well as the 2015 & 2016 Australian Birth Photographer of the Year, the 2016 Queensland Birth Photographer of the Year and the 2017 Queensland Travel Photographer of the Year. As a mother of 4 Selena understands the role that photographs are having in changing the way that women see themselves and their births and is helping to reverse societal perceptions around childbirth – showing women that birth is something to be celebrated and not feared.


The “Birth” of a new photographic genre

It’s not every day that a new photographic genre springs up and takes the world by storm. And yet that is exactly what has happened with professional “birth photography” in the past 5-10 years. The popularity of the new genre has grown so fast that the industry is scrambling to keep up with it and make sense of what it involves. As a result, it is a vastly misunderstood genre at present and yet the resulting images are powerfully changing the lives of women and their families worldwide. So where has its growth come from? What is (and isn’t) it all about? How are photographers making it work? And most importantly – WHY is it so popular?


Birth photography is NOT about graphic images – it’s about beautiful moments, emotive storytelling and precious memories – and this talk will take you through Selena’s journey, her biggest challenges and the why!!!

Reflections for August

The results for June have been published and are available for comment on the website.

There are only results for the prints as the DPI competition was cancelled. We had an excellent judge and presenter with local photographer Robyn Hills. And awards were given to some of the creative work that was entered, which is good for those that like to dabble and push boundaries.

The next competition is Reflections, and both Print and DPI are up for judging. Closing date is 26th July.

A picture in which the reflections of a subject provide the centre of interest. They may be produced by water, windows, metal or other reflective surface.

New Members and Profiles

We are excited that we continue to have new members joining our Club, and this helps to keep the Club vibrant and active.

Recent joinings include Helen Hayes, Greg Howard, Colin Grainger, Vern Irvine, Nicole Cameron, Andy Downard and Paul Mellick.

It helps all members, new and old, if all members fill out their profiles on the website, as this makes it is easier to get to know each other. With so many new faces appearing at meetings the information in your profile does help the process. So please let us know a bit about you.

You can also choose on the website if you would like other members to see your full details.

“Tips and Tricks” — June Share Night

Here are the links to the PDF documents containing the “Tips and Tricks” presentations from our June Share Night. To view PDFs in Adobe Reader as a full-screen slide show use Ctrl/Cmd + L, to exit use Esc. (You will need to be logged in to the MyPhotoClub website to download the files.)

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July Subject is Slow Shutter

Its late notice, but the subject for July is Slow Shutter.

An image using a slow shutter speed for point of interest, emphasis and to blur water, clouds, people etc. Any shutter speed slower than One second is allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: The DPI competition is running for July. Entries close on 28th June for both Print and DPI competitions.