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The Caloundra Camera Group was incorporated in 1997 and is affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland. 

The club offers members a wide range of excursions, social activities and photography competitions in a supportive environment for all skill levels.

New members are always welcome regardless of photographic experience or equipment as we strive to encourage the development of photographic skills and knowledge so that we all may achieve and share a greater enjoyment of the art of photography.

Caloundra Camera Group Inc.   
ABN 80 235 726 988

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Join us at the Sunshine Coast (Nambour) Show.

When: This Saturday, 11th June at 3pm. Or arrive earlier if you’d like to spend more time there. There’s plenty to see.
Where: Meet in front of the main pavilion when entering from Coronation Street. Phone Di East on 0417 070 989 if you can’t find us.
Tickets: $16 per adult on line (it’s cheaper on line).
1. Premium parking is available on the grounds for $10/day – you can come and go as you please to your car. This one fills early.
2. Crushers Car Park – Crushers Leagues Club, Crusher Park Drive, Nambour.
3. Second Closest – MacKellar Mining (the old Council Depot) on National Park Drive behind the Puma Service Station. $5/day and available all day.
4. Fun option – park at the train station in Nambour with plenty of free parking and start your Show experience early with a FREE SHOW shuttle bus ride which will drop you at the main gate.

This is a great opportunity to take photos for our club competitions. There should be plenty of options, with People, Get Down Low, Action and Photo-journalism still to submit this year.

There is a photography competition display at the show. Check it out for inspiration. Some of our members have submitted images.

For more information:

by Di East, June 5, 2022



1/2 Day APS Live Event
Exclusive presentations by expert photographers 

We are very pleased to announce an exciting line up of expert photographers for our APS Live 1/2 Day online event on Sunday, the 3rd July 2022.

$20 APS Members, $30 Non APS Members.July 2022 03

RAY MARTINA Photography Journey
Veteran Journalist & Award Winning TV PersonalityRay Martin has been, what he calls,  “a closet photographer” for over half a century. Paid to TELL the story – not take the pictures – Ray was always being told to “ put the damn camera down” by producers & tv cameramen at Four Corners & 60 Minutes. Thankfully, he didn’t. To prove it, there’s a catalogue of photographs, a number of exhibitions & a book with his pictures, published by Melbourne University Press a few years ago, called “Ray Martin’s World”. 
Martin says he’s like ‘The Man from American Express’ – he never leaves home without his camera! Photos from commercial planes at 37,000 feet have become a specialty.
He’s got a million stories to tell of exotic places he’s been, and strange people he’s met; including some truly great photographers.

What’s Ray Martin going to reveal ? Well, as they say in the news business …”Watch This Space”.
Program 11.30am – 12:30pm


Graham Burstow OAMEFIAP FPSA FRPS FAPS PSQF Hon.FAPS is a renowned and celebrated Queensland street photographer. He has been seen frequently on the streets of the Gold Coast and Toowoomba over the past 70 years. Many of his images from those years are hanging in public spaces in both regions and in many other venues such as the National Library in Canberra. A published author of three books; Closer, Flesh and Touch Me with one more in the making.

Graham will recount stories and adventures he has had over his photographic career. He is, and has always been prepared to do what ever it takes to get that shot. As Graham tells his stories, he will show us and explain how he captured those images.

This will be a unique session with a talented and charismatic personality of the Australian photographic community. A session not to be missed.  9:00am – 10:00am

Dr.Martyn JollyHonorary Associate Professor, School of Art & Design, 
Research School of Humanities and the Arts

The sixtieth anniversary of the APS is a good time to explore different ways of thinking about the history of Australian photography. As a photo historian previously involved in art schools and art galleries I come from a tradition where the story of photography in Australia is usually told through individual photographers or artistic movements.A recent book I co-wrote, ‘Installation View’, focussed instead on photography exhibitions, rather than individual photographers.

This made me realize the importance of clubs, societies and groups to photography in Australia.

However, their importance to the whole story has perhaps been overlooked. In a free ranging, informal, discussion I will look at some moments in Australia photography through the lens of the ‘group of enthusiasts’.
10:15am – 11:15am

10:00am – 10:15am
John Hodgson
EFIAP/b AV-EFIAP FAPS AV-MAPS ESFIAP HonFAP SAPS APS for Life – Short AV presentation.11:15am – 11:30am
Libby JefferyMomento Pro Book Competition LaunchLibby will launch the APS Photo Book Awards, sponsored by Momento Pro.‍Register
Best regards,

11:15am – 11:30am
Stella Fava | Secretary
Australian Photographic Society
02 9890 9795 
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by Bruce Atkinson, June 2, 2022


Just a follow up from the excellent presentation last night from Tammy Kowitz, Manager of Hinterland Bush Links. (Click to visit the Hinterland Bush Links Website)

They are doing a great job up there and are asking for support or help.

Volunteering is a great way, and the link above offers many examples on how we could help as individuals or as a Club.

In particular, Tammy has asked for some assistance from members who would be happy to share images of local flora and fauna with Hinterland Bush Links, for their many workshops they undertake, and website development.

People who contribute will be acknowledged by Hinterland Bush Links and full attribution is given on every phtograph published.

We may also be able to help with some photography or video at their events.

To enable simple collection of images, we have set up a “Competition” on MPC which will be active until the 8th June. All contributions will be welcome.

by Bruce Atkinson, May 26, 2022



Next Wednesday’s guest speaker is Tammy Kowitz, the manager of Hinterland Bush Links, a visionary project to protect the plants and animals of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Tammy will be discussing the broader objectives of the Hinterland Bush Group as well as discussing mutual opportunities for media exposure for our members and for our Club.


In what is sure to be the first of a series of Share Night highlights aimed at us getting to know each other a little better, you really don’t want to miss our after-supper programme, when Annette will host a Q&A style interview with one of the retired, if not at all “retiring” members of our club community.


If all that wasn’t enough, Gerry will bring us the news, no doubt some date corrections and indeed if time permits a small audio-visual presentation and photography critique!

Hopefully we’ll see you in our clubrooms, on Wednesday 25th.

by Peter Hyndman, May 21, 2022

APS Photobook Competition

This year the Australian Photographic Society Photo Book Competition will include a category for Camera Clubs. For those camera club members who have never produced a personal photo book, and who may feel they lack the skills or experience to do so, a club photo book project like this could provide an invaluable learning experience.

We are looking for members who are interested in participating with this project. If you think this opportunity might be for you, please email Di East on by return email, so that we can commence planning and so I can send you more information.

The category is open to all Australian camera clubs, with entries created as the result of a collaborative photo book project by club members. The subject matter is unrestricted. All submissions will be welcome, and in particular projects that reflect a specific theme or storyline.

This category has been introduced with the intention of encouraging camera club members to actively participate in the planning, preparation and production of a high-quality photo book as part of a collaborative club project.

Given this focus, club entries will need to be able to demonstrate that they have been produced through a collaborative effort by club members. To this end clubs will be asked, as part of the entry requirements, to include a Project Statement explaining the collaborative processes by which their entry has been produced.

Total PRIZE POOL $1,900 INCLUDING $1,400 in MOMENTO PRO VOUCHERS across two categories: “Individual” and “Camera Club”

1st  Prize in each category: $350 voucher

2nd  Prize in each category: $250 voucher

3rd  Prize in each category: $100 voucher

by Di East, May 17, 2022

Results for competitions in MAY 2022

There were 21 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in MAY 2022

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Ty Fox – 5
A Grade Creative Photography Digital

Survival of the fittest
Helen Debnam – 5
B Grade Open Print

Along The Lines
John Organ – 4
A Grade Set Subject Digital

Mudflats with Caloundra skyline
Clive Hammond – 4
A Grade Set Subject Digital

Tony Allison – 4
B Grade Set Subject Digital

Shadow Lines
Trefor Ellacott – 4
B Grade Set Subject Digital

Mushrooms for dinner
Di East – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Water Colours
John Organ – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Open_Bondi Icebergs
Belinda Kranz – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Yellow Potter Wasp
Gerry Gibson – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Bruce Atkinson – 4
A Grade Open Digital

A Short Break
Peter Hyndman – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Egret Grooming
Denise Organ – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Reflections on the lake
Paul Mellick – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Maroochy River At Dawn
Trefor Ellacott – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Flinders Highlands
Tony Allison – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Read her like a book
Clive Hammond – 4
A Grade Creative Photography Digital

The Magical Garden
Annette Scott – 4
A Grade Creative Photography Digital

Peter Hyndman – 4
A Grade Set Subject Print.

Jeff Heck – 4
A Grade Open Print

Roadtrip in Spring
Peter Hyndman – 4
A Grade Open Print

by Alison Hall, May 12, 2022

Upcoming External Competitions

Competing in external competitions, both within Australian and Internationally, is a great way to test your skills and improve your photography and we highly recommend giving it a go.

Come to our next meeting on Wednesday 11 May to find out which of our members did well at the recent SEQ competition!!

There are many competitions available to enter but to make it easier for you, we’ve chosen some (below) that are reputable and worthwhile. If you haven’t tried entering before, and would like help or advice, feel free to contact Di East by phone 0417 070989 or email Questions on our Facebook page are also welcome. Upcoming competitions are updated regularly on our website on the Information for Members page.

EKKA Photography Competition
Entries close: Friday 27th May at 5pm.
Includes a camera group and a senior citizens class.
For more information

Sunshine Coast (Nambour) Show (Prints only)
Entries Close: 4 June 2022
Topics: Our Backyard-Your Backyard, Mono print open, Colour or mono print People, Colour print open, Nature print, Animal Life-Pets, Landscape-Seascape, Rural Australia.
This would be a good one to enter as CCG is considering a day trip to the show.
For more information:

Rotary Club of Maleny – 2023 Calendar Competition
Entries Close: 10 June 2022
Topic: Maleny and Hinterland images that reflect lifestyle, events and scenery.
Cash prizes – $50 to $500.

Australian Photography MagazineMono Awards 2022
Entries Close: Sunday 12th June. (Cash prizes)
For more information:

Sutherland Shire National Exhibition of Photography
Entries Close: 24 July 2022
Topics: Open Colour, Monochrome, Nature, Creative
For more information:

Cheltenham International Salon
Entries Close: 28 March 2022
Topics: Colour, Monochrome, Creative, Nature, Travel
For more information:

by Di East, May 2, 2022

Touring the Kimberleys – SHARE NIGHT TONIGHT

If you’ve wondered about the communication hiatus of late, it’s partly due to our secretary Bruce being in two places at once but neither of them here!


Tonight’s share night will fill in all the gaps on where he’s been and how and why, and there might be one or two photos thrown in for good measure.

Yes, the notice is late, but it’s not too late to sling a tape in the VHS recorder so you can watch whatever it was you’d planned when you get home, and you won’t regret coming!

By the way – if you’d like to receive notices in a lot more usable timeframe, how about volunteering to co-ordinate share nights? It’s all a bit ad-hoc at the moment in the absence of an actual co-ordinator, and it would be nice to have someone ensuring things don’t fall through the cracks…

by Peter Hyndman, April 27, 2022

Those missing definitions!

I know how you are feeling! At long last here are the definitions for June (Climate Change) and August (People) set subjects.

Have fun!

PEOPLE (August)

A photograph of a person or people that can be close-up portrait, or whole/part body. The person/s in the photograph must be the focal subject however the image could also depict their environment or a broader scene. Can be candid or posed. Must be a live human being (manikins, statues, ornaments) will not be accepted.


Climate Change is considered a long term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth’s local, regional, and global climates. These changes have a broad range of observed effects that are synonymous with the term. Frequently used images fall into the “negative impact” category such as imagery depicting the most visible and disturbing impacts of climate change: extreme weather, historic droughts, temperature records, ice-free Arctic summers, rising seas, melting glaciers, coastal erosion, storm surges, forest fires, ruined crops, food riots, dried riverbeds, forced migration and refugees; etc. In contrast, photographers can consider “positive impact” images to shift the global climate change conversation from despair to optimism, from apathy to action and to celebrate the many opportunities such as economic, environmental and health which can be gained from transitioning to a clean energy economy. Creative photography such as Composites and Photo-manipulations are accepted in this category.

The definition for is:

by Peter Hyndman, April 27, 2022

Results for competitions in APRIL 2022

There were 22 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in APRIL 2022

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Alice in Wonderland.
Clive Hammond – 5
A Grade Creative Photography Digital

Peter Hyndman – 5
A Grade Open Print

Ty Fox – 4
A Grade Set Subject Digital

Buffalos drinking
David Bryan – 4
A Grade Set Subject Digital

Riding the Tide
Annette Scott – 4
A Grade Set Subject Digital

Kangaroos Dancing
Ken Brooks – 4
B Grade Set Subject Digital

Rainbows in the rain
Robert Gillingham – 4
B Grade Set Subject Digital

Post Office Square Brisbane
Di East – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Little Hut on the River
Belinda Kranz – 4
A Grade Open Digital

On the tracks
Clive Hammond – 4
A Grade Open Digital

Baroon Pocket sunset.
Paul Mellick – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Misty Morn
Tony Allison – 4
B Grade Open Digital

Nose, Eyes and Ears.
James Ferris – 4
B Grade Open Digital

The Train is Coming
Bruce Atkinson – 4
A Grade Creative Photography Digital

Frozen in time
Tony Allison – 4
B Grade Creative Photography Digital

Late Night At The Diner
Douglas Battison – 4
B Grade Creative Photography Digital

Jeff Heck – 4
A Grade Creative Photography Print.

Peace Talks
Tony Allison – 4
B Grade Set Subject Print

Green Turtles – Huon Island
Di East – 4
A Grade Set Subject Print.

Bush Stone Curlews, N. Queensland
Ray White – 4
A Grade Set Subject Print.

Love is …
Jeff Heck – 4
A Grade Set Subject Print.

Jeff Heck – 4
A Grade Open Print

by Alison Hall, April 14, 2022