Set Subject for October – PLEASE READ

We have issues regarding images not meeting the definition of the set subject on a regular basis. Our current process is based on an honour system, where we trust the member to read the definition and to do their best to comply to it. The alternative is to have a panel check the images and disqualify those that they perceive are not compliant before judging, or to allow the judge to adjudicate (as we also do). With each of these approaches, there will be members who will be upset by the process.

I am regularly asked questions like: how come images of a single leaf are accepted, when the definition clearly states leaves. Or how come the subject is looking down from above, and there are images where the camera lens is almost horizontal. We could argue each month as to whether some images have truly met our definition, so I am pleading with all members to please read the definition clearly each month and do your best to comply with it. It is unfair on those who have consciously met the definition to have images that have not met the definition be accepted and win awards. The onus is on YOU.

The definition for October is BEFORE AND AFTER. 

A single image or a diptych illustrating a significant change over time of the elements depicted.

After Dark – Set Subject for September

The results have all been published for our July competitions.

The closing date for our September competition is Wed 22nd August and the subject is After Dark.

An outdoor image that must be taken during the hours of total darkness, with no camera flash. Any subject matter may be used, such as buildings, car lights, light painting etc., but the image must demonstrate that it has been taken after dark.

2018 Interclub Preselection: ERROR IN MAXIMUM IMAGE DIMENSIONS

The 2018 Interclub Preselection PROCEDURES AND RULES document contained an error in the Image Specifications. The Maximum Horizontal Dimension should be 1400 pixels (not 1440 pixels). The downloadable PDF copy of Procedures and Rules has been corrected.

Repeat: Maximum image dimensions are 1400 horizontal × 1050 vertical pixels.

Apologies from Ed, and thanks to Ann for inadvertently being the clever guinea pig.

2018 Interclub DPI Preselection of Entries

Members may now submit their 2018 Interclub DPI competition entries to MyPhotoClub for preselection. Before entering your images, please download a PDF copy of the Procedures and Rules document using this link:

This document explains how to submit your entries and how the preselection judging procedure works. The closing date for entries is Wednesday, 22 August, 2018.

Good luck and thanks for supporting our club entry. —Ed

June Newsletter Available, Now!

The June issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters page; just click the “Newsletters” button on the Home page. Or download a PDF copy by clicking this link:

Thanks to Nikki for another stunning work of graphic art, packed with members’ inspiring images, useful information, and valuable learning tools.

Regarding ongoing renovations of our MyPhotoClub website:

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Important News from the Events Coordinator — EXCURSION CANCELLED

As you will all be aware, a trip out to Myall Park Botanical Garden had been arranged for 29th July – 3rd August 2018, however, due to several members having to pull out within the last week, we have decided to cancel the trip for this year.  We are hoping to perhaps put this particular trip on again next year, but likely in the springtime when the weather will be a little warmer, the flowers will be out and the birds will be singing!  Because this trip has been cancelled, we are hoping to arrange a long weekend away at the end of October (rather than have just a day out as had previously been advertised).  This will likely be from Friday 26th – Monday 29th October, so please mark the dates on your calendar and in your diary as it will be a fun weekend away with lots of opportunities for photos!  Full details will be sent out as soon as possible!

Ann Bryan Ph. 0411 486 939

May Newsletter Available for Download

The May issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters Page at:
or Click the “Newsletters” Quick Link on the Home Page. Click the link below the Cover Image to view/download/save a PDF copy.
Thanks to Nikki, our creative Newsletter Editor, for another informative and truly cool piece of work.