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Incorporated in 1997, the Caloundra Camera Group
is a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland. Caloundra is the southernmost town in the Sunshine Coast Region in South East Queensland, Australia.

Competition Night meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, except December and January. These meetings are devoted to judging of monthly Print competition entries and presentation of the results of remotely judged Digital competition entries.

Share Night meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except December and January. Normally a prominent member of the photography community is invited to give a guest presentation.

Featured Image CCG Meetings
5:30 pm CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
Oct 16 @ 5:30 pm
Regular monthly Committee Meeting. Please email your apology to the Secretary if unable to attend.
7:30 pm Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Oct 23 @ 7:30 pm
Our own adventurous Greg Larchin on “The Colours of Australia”
7:00 pm Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Nov 13 @ 7:00 pm
November 2019 Set Subject is “Photo Journalism”. Definition of Photo Journalism: Story-telling photographs such as are seen in the news media and periodicals, which may include documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, spot news, or human interest. [...]
5:30 pm CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
Nov 20 @ 5:30 pm
Regular monthly Committee Meeting. Please email your apology to the Secretary if unable to attend.
7:30 pm Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Nov 27 @ 7:30 pm
This slot is held open for presentations on the upcoming 2020 Set Subjects, with the February 2020 subject being the prime candidate for discussion.
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Annual Print and Digital Competitions

The Annual Print and Digital Competitions are now open for entries. (Do not confuse this with the Annual Accumulated Points Awards.) Details of the rules and entry procedures are listed below.

New Rules

  • Members may enter two images of their own choice into each of the three categories: Set Subject, Art Photography, and Open Subject in Print and Digital competitions. This means there is a limit of 12 entries overall.
  • Each entry must be an image that was entered in a CCG monthly competition in 2019. The entry must come from the same category that it was entered into during the year. It does not have to have received an award during the year. No new or altered images can be uploaded.
  • The required image specifications are the same as for monthly comps:
    • Images must be JPEG format.
    • Maximum pixel dimensions = 1920 horizontal × 1080 vertical.
    • Maximum file size = 2 megabytes.
    • Title is limited to 35 characters; special characters not allowed. Please do not include file name material, such as month, category, etc. in the title; just the brief title. (MPC automatically uses the file name as your title, so please edit it to remove extraneous text.)

Closing Date

The closing date for entries is 11:00 pm, Sunday, 17th November, 2019. The closing date given in previous notifications has been changed so that you will have the results of the November competition (Wed. Nov. 13) available when making your annual entry choices. However, please note that you will have only three days after the November comp to add to or change your annual entries. This tight schedule is necessary to allow adequate time for our Annual Comp judge to judge both Digital and Print entries and for the Awards medals and trophies to be engraved. An MPC automatic reminder will be sent out three days before the closing date.

Entry Procedures

  • Go to Enter Competitions > Competitions > Annual Prints/Annual Digital > Upload
  • Click either of the green buttons: “SELECT FROM EXISTING UPLOADED IMAGES” or “***TRY THE NEW SELECTION PAGE***”. The latter is easier to navigate and filter.
  • If necessary, use the filters to limit your choice of entries; for instance filter for 2019 entries only. Ensure that you are choosing an image from the correct category.
  • Click the thumbnail of your chosen entry to see an enlarged version.
  • Choose the category and SUBMIT your entry using the usual monthly comp procedure.
  • You can use the blue “VIEW OR REMOVE ENTRIES” button at any time before the closing date/time.


by Ed Anderson, October 4, 2019

2019 Tewantin Shield Selections

Our selection panel has completed the difficult task of selecting 20 of our best images from the 103 members’ entries. To ensure that the very best images were included in the final selection, two entries were moved to a different category. The final selections are listed below.

Members can view all the entries: go to Enter Competitions > Competitions > 2019 Tewantin Shield > View


  • Gentoo Chick by Mike West
  • Leopard on the Prowl by Ann Bryan
  • On the Hunt by Ty Fox (moved from Odd Numbers)
  • Scarab Beetle by Ralph Brown
  • Nyala Trio by David Bryan


  • My Hubby by Sharyn Glur
  • Didj Man by Mike West
  • Not in the Mood by Keven Hyde
  • Smile of Delight by Annette Wood
  • Indian Girl by David Bryan


  • On the prowl by Keven Hyde
  • Irenic by Ed Anderson
  • Icelandic Fuel Stop by Ralph Brown
  • I am the King by Gerry Gibson
  • Lighthouse Sunrise by Vern Irvine


  • Roll of the Dice by Vern Irvine
  • Three Chairs by Airlie Andrews
  • Desert Safari by Annette Wood
  • Three Camels by Ralph Brown
  • Is This My World by Gerry Gibson (moved from Pictorial)

Congratulation to those members whose images were selected. And good luck! Many thanks to all those members who submitted images, especially our B-Graders who were well represented. Truly, the panel had to make quite a few difficult decisions and there were many lengthy discussions.

by Ed Anderson, October 2, 2019

2020 Calendar of Meetings and Set Subject Definitions

A very tentative Calendar of Meetings in 2020 and a finalised list of 2020 Set Subject Definitions is now available on the website. View or Download links are available under INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS or WHERE IS IT? Alternatively, click the following links to download copies of the PDF docs:

by Ed Anderson, September 19, 2019

Results for competitions in September Prints

There were 3 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in September Prints

my fella
Sharyn Glur – 9
B Grade Open Large Print

Global Warming
Airlie Andrews – 8
A Grade SetSubject Large Print

Didj Man
Mike West – 8
A Grade Open Large Print

by Ed Anderson, September 11, 2019

2019 Tewantin Shield now open for selection of entries

Members can now upload their entries for selection by our panel of selectors.

The specifications for entries and procedural rules are:

  • Images must be in JPEG format and sRGB colour space. Maximum JPEG quality is allowed
  • Maximum file size is 2 megabytes
  • Members may enter a maximum of 2 images in each of the four categories. All categories are ungraded, meaning that both A and B Grade members may enter each category
  • Maximum image pixel dimensions are: 1920 horizontal, 1080 vertical
  • The four categories are: People, Pictorial, Nature, and Odd Numbers. To view definitions click here
  • Images previously entered in Tewantin Shield will not be accepted
  • Our Committee will appoint a panel of at least five selectors to choose our 5 entries in each category
  • Uploading of members’ entries closes at 23:00, Wed. Sept. 25.
  • To upload your entries, go to: Enter Competitions > Competitions > 2019 Tewantin Shield > Upload

We urge all members to participate by entering the maximum number of their best images, thus ensuring that Caloundra Camera Group wins the Shield in 2019. There will be a First Place only in each category, and a medallion will be awarded to the Overall Champion.


by Ed Anderson, August 29, 2019

Interclub Selection Results Published

You can now view the Interclub selection results, including all images. Go to Enter Competitions, as usual, and click the “View” link on the Interclub comp tile. The entries are sorted so that the three selected entries are listed first.

Please note that the entries were not scored online. The selection procedure was performed offline, viewing the images on a large-screen HD TV. Selection used an iterative “In or Out” process. This means that the score of 15 indicates that all three selectors finally agreed to keep the entry in the selection. The scores of 0 (zero) have no meaning with respect to the quality of the image; they merely mean that the entry was, ultimatly, not selected. A few entries definitely did not conform to the official subject defintion. However, overall the quality of the entries was very high, and the selectors took quite some time and considerable discussion before arriving at the final result.

by Ed Anderson, August 1, 2019

Interclub Comp — Selected Entries

Our Interclub comp Selection Panel selected the following entries:


  • Fostering Light by Keven Hyde
  • La Sagrada Familia by Gary Taylor
  • Lyon Museum by Airlie Andrews


  • Roll of the Dice by Nikki Stewart
  • Water Fight by Lara Irvine
  • Wild Dog 3 by David Bryan


  • Little Red Bug by Ty Fox
  • Nest Building by David Bryan
  • Searching by Troy Holland

OPEN (Non A Grade)

  • Coolum Rocks by Paul Mellick
  • Lotus by Lara Irvine
  • A Sunburnt Country by Shary Glur


  • Grandma’s Love by Ty Fox
  • Happy Days by Bruce Atkinson
  • 1 is the Loneliest Number by Annette Scott


  • Is This My World? by Gerry Gibson
  • Lake Edward Trees by Airlie Andrews
  • Mungo Magic by Mike West


  • Loaded by Mike West
  • On the Run by Bruce Atkinson
  • Plying His Trade by Murray Weir

Congratulations to the successful entrants and thank you to all our entrants for submitting 153 images. As I’m sure you will understand, narrowing the list to just 21 entries was a lengthy and difficult process. Thanks to the selectors.

by Ed Anderson, August 1, 2019

Maroochy Wetlands Time Change

Gerry wants to notify all those interested in the Maroochy Wetlands outing that the start time has been changed. Meet at Sports Rd. Bli Bli at 07:30 am. That’s three hours earlier than previously notified, so be sure to reset your clock radio/smart phone.

by Ed Anderson, July 30, 2019

An Apology: Document Updates

During the most recent revision of some documents and update of website links, some links did not update correctly. I have rectified this situation and all links should now function correctly. The relevant documents are:

by Ed Anderson, June 27, 2019

Update of our 2019 Calendar of Meetings

I have updated our 2019 Calendar of Meetings. It is now complete for the remainder of the year. Contains: Dates of all meetings, competition set subjects and judges, Share Night presenters. View or download at:

by Ed Anderson, June 22, 2019