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Ed Anderson

If it moves, shoot it -- at 1/2000 sec; if it doesn't, shoot it from every conceivable angle.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
My serious photography story began in 1956 with my first 35 mm colour camera. As a teenager, I built my own darkroom, processed B&W film, printed enlargements and entered local photography competitions. Completed photography courses at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 1991. Multimedia Production Specialist Certificate, 1998 (including Photoshop 4). Innumerable Adobe and Photoshop workshops, 1999 to present. APS Australian Cup 2018: Silver Medal.
Areas of interest
Pre-digital: Exploration, adventure, scientific, and landscape photography. Latterly, leaning towards experimental, imaginative, creative and altered reality. Also, increasingly rediscovering the strengths of B&W with the power of digital processing.
Favourite Equipment
Film: Voigtländer Vito IIa (1956-61), Miranda D (1961-77), Olympus OM2 (1977-2003). Digital: Minolta Dimage7i (2003-2010), Canon 60D (2010-2017+), Olympus EM1-MkII (2017+). The EM1-MkII beats them all.
Computer Stuff
MS Windows (since Windows 3 and DOS), and it still stinks. Photoshop CS6, because it is a near-perfect analogue of darkroom processing; and 190 years of film processing and printing taught humanity (and Adobe) every trick you need to know. Latterly, Photoshop CC.
Other info
Much of my earlier photography was undertaken on scientific expeditions, engineering projects, and adventure activities, including speleology (cave exploration and science), mountaineering, skiing, and ski mountaineering. I obtained my single-engine pilot's licence in 1977. I lived in Canada from 1977 to 1999 and taught Geodesy and Engineering Surveying at the University of Calgary. In Perth, WA, from 2000 to 2007, I taught a broad range of tertiary-level IT courses. Life Member of CCG. Member of Masters Apprentices, Brisbane.
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