The endlessly clever and creative Administrator of MyPhotoClub, Colin Woods, has introduced a new facility to the website called “Critique Corner”. This allows members to upload images so they can be viewed and critiqued by other members of our group who choose to subscribe to the service.

Many of our members, who have been around for a while, will remember that our endlessly clever and creative Wendy Geddes conceived and ran for some years a similar service call “Coffee and Critique”. It was primarily concerned with print images so it involved physical meetings at a coffee shop and much spirited and helpful critiquing of each other’s  images. Now we have, in Critique Corner, what is essentially a digital version or Coffee and Critique — but you have to supply your own “digital” coffee. It allows all members to participate, if they want to, regardless of their grade or experience.

I have prepared a “Critique Corner — FAQ” document, which I hope will provide answers to all your questions and enable you to start using this valuable service. We urge all members to “give it a go”, but please read the FAQ doc before jumping in, so that you understand how it works and how to best use it. There are a few “rules” and procedures. To view/download the Critique Corner — FAQ.pdf, go to: Information for Members and click “Critique Corner — FAQ” under Other Documents.