It seems as though it was only last night that we were enjoying each other’s company at our Annual Awards Night! For those who were unable to be there, a list of award recipents and images can be found at this link, and no doubt a full report will trickle out over the coming days (or weeks).

Our calendar for the year is now complete, so it’s time to look forward to next year.

A complete Calendar, Set Subjects Schedule and our Rules and Procedures for the coming year can now be found in one complete document – our new “Member’s Handbook” which can be downloaded from the following link:

If this link does not work in your email, you can find it either in the notice of the front page of our website, or on the “INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS” link on the site, where it will be available for the full year.

Please note that these documents are current at this date and supercede all earlier releases.