The Interclub Digital Competition, hosted by Ipswich Photography Society, is a club competition open to only DPI entries in seven categories. Online selection of our entries is now open for uploads and closes at 23:30 Wednesday, July 24. Members may submit a maximum of 2 images per category. Entries must be JPEG files in sRGB colour space, maximum file size of 2 megabytes. Maximum pixel dimensions are 1920 px horizontal × 1080 px vertical. The seven categories are:

  1. People
  2. Nature
  3. Scapes (including land, urban/city, sea)
  4. Architecture
  5. Movement (in camera!)
  6. Transportation
  7. Open (B Grade entries only)

Both A and B Grade members may upload their entries to the first six categories via the Interclub Digital 2019 tile at:

Please Note: The Open category is available to B Grade members only. Upload entries via the Interclub Digital B Grade Open 2019 tile at: A Grade members, please DO NOT upload images to this category. The procedure will fail and require intervention by the Webmaster, who will become grumpy.

Subject defintions are available via “Information for Members” > “2019 External Comp Calendar” > Click the link under Interclub Digital (September). Or at:

Interclub judging is scheduled for 09:00 Saturday, September 7; details TBA.