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Incorporated in 1997, the Caloundra Camera Group
is a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland. Caloundra is the southernmost town in the Sunshine Coast Region in South East Queensland, Australia.

Competition Night meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, except December and January. These meetings are devoted to judging of monthly Print competition entries and presentation of the results of remotely judged Digital competition entries.

Share Night meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except December and January. Normally a prominent member of the photography community is invited to give a guest presentation.

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Its Backyard Safari for May

The results for the March competition have been published and are now on the website for viewing.  There were many excellent images, and I am certain that our judge had difficulty deciding on the winners. Congratulations to the winners and unfortunately there were good images that missed out. Don’t forget to make comments on the images if there were ones that you particularly liked. Its good feedback and encouragement for fellow members.

Our subject for May is Backyard Safari, with the closing date being Wed 26th April.

“The definition is quite broad and is simply an exercise to find things of interest in a backyard environment. The Rules of nature do not apply”

by Keven Hyde, March 23, 2017

The New Committee for 2017 Update

As a result of the AGM, we have a new Committee for 2017. (Actually its a lot like the 2016 Committee.)

President:  Ralph Brown

Vice President:  Bruce Richardson

Treasurer:  Jane Weir

Secretary:  Keven Hyde

Newsletter Coordinator:  Ed Anderson

Print Coordinator:  John Roberts

DPI Coordinator:  Annette Scott

Events Coordinator:  Ann Bryan

External Competitions Coordinator: Lara Irvine

Share Night Coordinator:  Ralph Brown

Committee Member: Troy Holland

Webmaster: Greg Larchin (non committee)

A big thank you to all the members who were willing to fill the Committee positions, and to Greg Larchin for chairing the meeting.

by Keven Hyde, March 12, 2017

Monthly and Yearly Competition Results

Our new website has accumulated totals for each month as well as a yearly accumulated total for each of our competitions, which allows one to see how one is standing against fellow members. These are based on a 1 to 4 scoring for award winners.

However, at present, the labelling of the competitions is different to the way our competitions are named. Below is a list of the comparison in the titling of the competitions.

From the Members dropdown, select Competitions, then Competition Results. The Table has A grade, B grade and Open.

Under A or B grade:

Open Colour (Digital or Print) is Colour Set Subject

Open Colour or Mono (Digital or Print) is Open

Under Open (Combined Grades):

Open Mono (Digital or Print) is Monochrome Set Subject

by Keven Hyde, March 5, 2017

And the April Competition Subject is BOKEH

Our February Competition is completed and the results are now on the website for viewing and we welcome your comments on the images. Congratulations to award winners and keep trying for those who did not quite make it.

The April competition closes 22nd March with the subject being Bokeh.

An image where the major part, or all of the image is highly blurred producing soft and subtle hues and ambience. This is normally achieved by very shallow depth of field. The bokeh or blur should be a compelling and significant part of the image, although there may be a subject that is in focus.

So out with the camera and nice big apertures please.

by Keven Hyde, February 26, 2017

Club Excursions for 2017

We have a range of excursions and events organised throughout the year thanks to our Events Coordinator, Ann Bryan. if you are interested in any of the excursions, then please let Ann know by registering in the Events Book on Club nights, or by contacting Ann.


by Keven Hyde, February 10, 2017

Welcome to More New Members

Welcome two more new members to our Club.

Leith Morris is a previous member who has rejoined and has just been assessed as A Grade.

Troy Holland attended our last meeting and has now joined our club.

Please introduce yourself to them and make them welcome.

by Keven Hyde, January 30, 2017

Club Competitions for January and March

We have the results for the January competition now available on our website, and we have the March competition open for entries. (more…)

by Keven Hyde, January 30, 2017

Another New Member to our Club

Gordon Lee is our latest addition to the Caloundra Camera Group. He has submitted his images for grading and the Panel has placed him in B Grade. We all wish him well and look forward to seeing his entries in competition. And check out his profile on the new web page.

With currently four new B graders for this year, it looks like being a good and interesting competition.

by Keven Hyde, January 12, 2017

Club Competition for February – Dog’s Eye View

We have survived the first monthly competition on our new website (so far), and the images have been sent off to our judge for scoring. This is despite yours truly managing to close the competition a day early, and have to reopen it. There has been plenty of work behind the scenes but I am certain it is all worthwhile and to the benefit of all.

Our February competition closes on Wed 25th January, and the subject is Dog’s Eye View.

An image taken from a dog’s perspective – normally low to the ground. An image that shows a view of the dog’s everyday activities, or its view of life. This may be in relation to other dogs, animals, people or places.


by Keven Hyde, January 2, 2017

New Members to our Club

We have four new members to the Club: Helen Debnam, Nikki Stewart, Noeleene Steele and Gordon Lee. Please make them welcome, and check out their profiles on the website.

Nikki and Noeleene have been assessed as B grade, so it should be a hot B grade competition this year.

by Keven Hyde, December 31, 2016