May 8, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
1 Burke St Golden Beach QLD 4551 Australia

May 2019 Set Subject is “From a Poem”.

Definition of From a Poem: An image that has been inspired by a line of poetry. Preferably not the title, but from a line in a poem that you can capture in your image. How you approach this is fairly open, but remember to include your ‘one line of poetry’ in your final image. (but not your name or the name of the author). Hints: 1. Do not print the title. 2. Do not print a whole verse. 3. Those who have been with the club for some time, this is not one of your “pens and lens” images. 4. Those who have been in the club for a ‘while’, this is not one of your ‘song titles’ images. That means, create something NEW! (Triptych will not be accepted.)

NOTE: The Closing date for the May competitions is Midnight on Wednesday, April 10.