May Newsletter Available for Download

The May issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters Page at:
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Thanks to Nikki, our creative Newsletter Editor, for another informative and truly cool piece of work.

Salon of Excellence Queensland 2018 — CCG Results and Awards

To download a PDF of all the CCG results and awards in the SEQ 2018 comp, click this link:—-CCG-AwardsAcceptances.pdf
Or to access this document at any time from the Home Page, go to: Quick Link “Information for Members” and look under “CCG Activities”.

April Newsletter Available for Download

The April issue of Coastal Exposures is now available on the Newsletters Page at:
or Click the “Newsletters” Quick Link on the Home Page. Click the link below the Cover Image to view/download/save a PDF copy. I’ve revised the Newsletters Page to accommodate a full year of Coastal Exposures issues. If you go on a three month trip to the Sahara, or a six month trip to the Amazon, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to download your Newsletters when you get home. Or catch up on back issues at any time. —Ed


Please ignore my last post and the subject title for June.

I had missed that the organisers had changed the set subject title, and it is now REPEATING SHAPES.

And here is the definition:

An image where a series of the same or similar elements are repeated in such a way as to add strength to the overall image.

My apologies if you had started work on my previous definition.

Repeating Patterns is Set Subject for June

Results are on the website for our April competition, and there were many fine and interesting entries by our Club members. It was a difficult night for our judge to sort through so many interesting images, which meant many good images missed out. But do not worry, there is always next month.

Our next set subject is REPEATING PATTERNS

This is an Interclub subject and we have not been supplied with a definition. So here is what I have tracked down to help with a direction.

Patterns, both natural and man-made, bring a sense of visual rhythm and harmony to photographs that, like a series of repeating notes in a melody, capture the imagination. Patterns appear whenever strong graphic elements—lines, colors, shapes, or forms—repeat themselves. … Lighting is another potent painter of pattern.

Wikipedia starts: pattern is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design.

The Dictionary includes: a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done:

Do your own research and remember that not all patterns are geometric.

We’re experiencing some problems with May Comp entries

On Tuesday and again today, some members have experienced problems entering images for the May comp. This is due to some important upgrades to the MyPhotoClub website by the Administrator, Colin Woods. When completed, we will have a more advanced comp entry process. Meanwhile, if you experience any problems, please be patient and try again later — Colin and I are working together to keep things working. Be assured that I will not close the May competition until I’m satisfied that no one has missed out with entry submissions.
Regards, Ed

Major Upgrade of “Information for Members” Page

I have completed a major upgrade of the “Information for Members” page (previously called “Club Rules and Documents”). Visit this page regularly as new information will be added as it becomes available. The page can be accessed from the Members Area by clicking the “All club information — Rules, documents & training links” button or via the “Information for Members” Quick Link on the Home page. Or, via this link: Information for Members