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Incorporated in 1997, the Caloundra Camera Group
is a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland. Caloundra is the southernmost town in the Sunshine Coast Region in South East Queensland, Australia.

Competition Night meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, except December and January. These meetings are devoted to judging of monthly Print competition entries and presentation of the results of remotely judged Digital competition entries.

Share Night meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except December and January. Normally a prominent member of the photography community is invited to give a guest presentation.

Featured Image CCG Meetings
7:30 pm Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Aug 28 @ 7:30 pm
DVD Presentation: “Finding Vivian Maier” New York City street photographer.
all-day Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Day ... @ Maroochy Wetlands
Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Day ... @ Maroochy Wetlands
Aug 31 all-day
We will meet at the wetland at 7:30 am in the carpark “Sports Rd, Bli Bli” In the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary at Bli Bli, we can explore wet and dry eucalypt forests, rainforest, melaleuca forest,[...]
7:00 pm Bunya Mountains Trip Planning @ Bunya Mountains
Bunya Mountains Trip Planning @ Bunya Mountains
Sep 11 @ 7:00 pm
Bunya Mountain Trip Details 30th October to the 3rd November This trip is not suitable for caravans — tents and campervan camping only About 3 hours West of the Sunny Coast We will require a[...]
7:00 pm Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Sep 11 @ 7:00 pm
September 2019 Set Subject is “It Must Be Wet”. Definition of “It Must Be Wet”: (No definition given. Use your imagination and creativity.) NOTE: The Closing date for the September competitions is Midnight on Wednesday,[...]
5:30 pm CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
Sep 18 @ 5:30 pm
Regular monthly Committee Meeting. Please email your apology to the Secretary if unable to attend.
Recent Posts Archives

Judging for the August Competitions

Our designated judge for August, Ken Chapman is sick and cannot judge the competitions.

At short notice, we have put a panel of five members in place to handle the judging for Wednesday’s competitions. The panel of five are: Lara Irvine, Gerry Gibson, Trevor Pedler, Rhonda Reynolds and Bruce Atkinson.

The digital competitions are currently being judged, and will be displayed as per usual on Wednesday night.

The prints will be impact judged by the panel, with the judges having a front row seat in front of the easel and scoring independently. The scrutineers will tally the scores, average them out, and designate the scoring out of 9. The Print Coordinator will be responsible for entering the scores on the score sheets, and announcing the results.

With over 50 prints, it means around a minute per print to go through this process, but we hope to be able to have brief comments by the judges while the scores are tallied for each print. This is a first using our MPC system so we are hoping for a smooth operation, and ask for tolerance if there are any unforseen issues.

by Keven Hyde, August 10, 2019

New Addition to our Membership

We have a new member, Kate Severn, who has just joined our Club.

Kate has been assessed as A grade, and we look forward to some competitive images being presented.

Kate has an interesting background, and you can find out more about her on her member page, so check it out.

by Keven Hyde, July 26, 2019

Note New Meeting Times

As of Wednesday 24th July, the Club meetings will start at 7.15pm, with the Presentation or Competition commencing at 7.30pm.

On Competition Nights, prints will need to be registered by 7pm.

The first 15 minutes will be introductions and relevant information, so please attend on time in order to keep informed and as a respect for others.

by Keven Hyde, July 24, 2019

Set Subject Compliance

Set Subject images complying with the definition was discussed by the Committee (again) at the last meeting.

The last time this issue was discussed was in February 2108 and the minutes stated:
‘It was confirmed that the definitions be kept as open as possible, so as not to stifle creativity, and that we need to rely on the judges to do their job.’

At Judges Forums over the past couple of years it was confirmed that the onus for disqualification be on the judge rather than the Club.
This obviously puts pressure on the judge, especially with the prints, in front of a live audience, and the judge is likely to be generous rather than strict.

At most competition nights I run through the definition with the judge before the judging starts just to make sure that they are conversant with the definition. (I neglected to do this at the last comp night.)

Our last competition had a very specific definition, which is what we are trying to avoid. There were images that one could argue did not meet the definition. I spoke to the members involved and it was not done intentionally or to gain advantage. The images without text included, had put the line of poetry as the title and considered that that was sufficient. I had used a line from Hamlet which is a play, even though, when one googles for popular lines from a poem, the line I used comes up.

Next month our definition is Movement and it states ‘a finished image that depicts motion blur, resulting from long exposure or panning or in camera movement.’ You may find images that do not conform exactly with this.

We are trapped between punishing those who have not met the letter of the law, and being too generous with those who have casually followed the spirit of the law, and following either path will upset some of our members.
For me personally, I prefer to focus on having members put in the best images they can, that meet what they consider is the definition is. 

This issue can be easily solved without any arguments or discussions. That is for each member to read the definition very carefully, and make sure that they comply with what is written. It is unfair on those who make the effort to comply to have to compete with those that have been negligent or lazy.

I look forward to the day when we do not have to have a discussion on whether an image complies or not. We have had suggestions of not having set subjects, or only having the well defined ones such as nature and landscape. I think set subject is important and challenging, and an opportunity to be creative, and would hate to get to the point where we stop having them for fear of arguments.

I ask for every members tolerance, and ask you to take the time and put the effort in to meet the definition. It is only being fair and treating your fellow members with respect.

by Keven Hyde, May 20, 2019

Grading for New Member

Our most recent member, Sharyn Glur has finally been graded after ongoing issues with the grading process.

The Grading Panel has placed Sharyn in B Grade, with a review at the end of the year. We look forward to seeing Sharyn’s images in competition, and welcoming her to the Club when she returns from her current travels.

by Keven Hyde, May 2, 2019

President’s Trophy 2019

The subject for this year’s President Trophy is:


Wikipedia defines a portrait as an artistic representation of a person (or persons) in which the face and its expression are predominant.

How you make the portrait unconventional is up to you!

Without inhibiting your creativity, consider the following. Engaging the viewer, telling a story and posing questions are important aspects of a good image. Emotions such as surprise, amusement, intrigue, passion, despair etc could well come into play. The unconventional aspects or techniques used should enhance the image and be used for a purpose. And one can use the title to hint to the viewer the meaning of the image.

by Keven Hyde, April 18, 2019

From a Poem – May Set Subject

The results are up on the website now for the March competitions, and congratulations to all winners, and almost winners.

Our Set Subject for May is From A Poem.

An image that has been inspired by a line of poetry. Preferably not the title, but a line from the poem that you can capture in your image. How you approach this is fairly open, but remember to include your one line of poetry in your final image (but not your name or the name of the author). Hints: 1. Do not print the title. 2. Do not print a whole verse. 3. Those who have been in the Club for some time, this is not one of your pens and lens images. 4. Those who have been in the Club for a while this is not one of your song title images. That means create something NEW (triptych will not be accepted.

We are in the process of creating a definition of the ART category for the use of both members and judges, so both have a clearer understanding of what we are attempting to achieve.

And just to clarify: our judges bring their experience in photography to our Club and apply their knowledge in critiquing our images, and assisting us to improve our photography. It will always be subjective, and their own opinion. There will be times when their opinion differs from ours, but it does not necessarily make one right and one wrong – just personal opinions. They give up their time to assist us in our journey and should always be respected for giving us their their view of photography.

by Keven Hyde, March 15, 2019

Set Subject for April is NATURE

Just a reminder that the set subject for April is Nature.

We use the APS definition for this subject and I remind members that we follow the rule of no changes to the images by way of cloning etc.

Closing date is Wednesday 13th March.

We have had excellent response to our new subject of ART in the February competition with a very interesting range of images, so keep up the good work for future competitions. 

All the results are on the website for February, and you may make comment on other members’ images if you wish, as a means of encouragement and support.

by Keven Hyde, February 20, 2019

Club Competitions for 2019

We have a new structure for our Club competitions for next year, starting in February. And we have a switch of Competition nights from the 4th to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The competitions for 2019 are:

Set Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

The current set subject mono for prints and DPI’s is being replaced by the Art category.

This is to encourage more creative works from members, and hopefully this will include many monochrome entries.

by Keven Hyde, November 13, 2018

The Results are out for October

Sorry for the delay, but the results are finally out for all the October competitions.

That only leaves our Annual competitions and perpetual trophies to go. Entries close on Wed 14th November, which is a competition night.

Make sure you bring along all of your prints that have scored 7 or above this year for image of the year judging.

And don’t forget to register and pay for our Christmas Party on Sat 8th December.

by Keven Hyde, October 26, 2018