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Incorporated in 1997, the Caloundra Camera Group
is a member of the Photographic Society of Queensland. Caloundra is the southernmost town in the Sunshine Coast Region in South East Queensland, Australia.

Competition Night meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, except December and January. These meetings are devoted to judging of monthly Print competition entries and presentation of the results of remotely judged Digital competition entries.

Share Night meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except December and January. Normally a prominent member of the photography community is invited to give a guest presentation.

Featured Image CCG Meetings
7:30 pm Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Apr 24 @ 7:30 pm
Our guest presenter is Julie Geldard AAPS AFIAP. Julie shoots to capture the magic of each moment in her award winning photographs.
7:00 pm Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Competition Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
May 8 @ 7:00 pm
May 2019 Set Subject is “From a Poem”. Definition of From a Poem: An image that has been inspired by a line of poetry. Preferably not the title, but from a line in a poem[...]
6:30 pm CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
CCG Committee Meeting @ Caloundra Gardens Community Hall
May 15 @ 6:30 pm
Regular monthly Committee Meeting. Please email your apology to the Secretary if unable to attend.
7:30 pm Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
Share Night @ Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Association Annex
May 22 @ 7:30 pm
Richard West will present a travelogue video of his motorcycle trip around Australia.
10:00 am Project Group Workshop @ Kawana Library
Project Group Workshop @ Kawana Library
May 25 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
This is the second CCG Project Group Workshop, mentored by Lisa Kurtz.
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President’s Trophy 2019

The subject for this year’s President Trophy is:


Wikipedia defines a portrait as an artistic representation of a person (or persons) in which the face and its expression are predominant.

How you make the portrait unconventional is up to you!

Without inhibiting your creativity, consider the following. Engaging the viewer, telling a story and posing questions are important aspects of a good image. Emotions such as surprise, amusement, intrigue, passion, despair etc could well come into play. The unconventional aspects or techniques used should enhance the image and be used for a purpose. And one can use the title to hint to the viewer the meaning of the image.

by Keven Hyde, April 18, 2019

From a Poem – May Set Subject

The results are up on the website now for the March competitions, and congratulations to all winners, and almost winners.

Our Set Subject for May is From A Poem.

An image that has been inspired by a line of poetry. Preferably not the title, but a line from the poem that you can capture in your image. How you approach this is fairly open, but remember to include your one line of poetry in your final image (but not your name or the name of the author). Hints: 1. Do not print the title. 2. Do not print a whole verse. 3. Those who have been in the Club for some time, this is not one of your pens and lens images. 4. Those who have been in the Club for a while this is not one of your song title images. That means create something NEW (triptych will not be accepted.

We are in the process of creating a definition of the ART category for the use of both members and judges, so both have a clearer understanding of what we are attempting to achieve.

And just to clarify: our judges bring their experience in photography to our Club and apply their knowledge in critiquing our images, and assisting us to improve our photography. It will always be subjective, and their own opinion. There will be times when their opinion differs from ours, but it does not necessarily make one right and one wrong – just personal opinions. They give up their time to assist us in our journey and should always be respected for giving us their their view of photography.

by Keven Hyde, March 15, 2019

Set Subject for April is NATURE

Just a reminder that the set subject for April is Nature.

We use the APS definition for this subject and I remind members that we follow the rule of no changes to the images by way of cloning etc.

Closing date is Wednesday 13th March.

We have had excellent response to our new subject of ART in the February competition with a very interesting range of images, so keep up the good work for future competitions. 

All the results are on the website for February, and you may make comment on other members’ images if you wish, as a means of encouragement and support.

by Keven Hyde, February 20, 2019

Club Competitions for 2019

We have a new structure for our Club competitions for next year, starting in February. And we have a switch of Competition nights from the 4th to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The competitions for 2019 are:

Set Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

The current set subject mono for prints and DPI’s is being replaced by the Art category.

This is to encourage more creative works from members, and hopefully this will include many monochrome entries.

by Keven Hyde, November 13, 2018

The Results are out for October

Sorry for the delay, but the results are finally out for all the October competitions.

That only leaves our Annual competitions and perpetual trophies to go. Entries close on Wed 14th November, which is a competition night.

Make sure you bring along all of your prints that have scored 7 or above this year for image of the year judging.

And don’t forget to register and pay for our Christmas Party on Sat 8th December.

by Keven Hyde, October 26, 2018

November Set Subject and More…..

Firstly, a reminder that the set subject for November is FORGOTTEN OBJECTS, with closing date Wed 24th October.

A chance to use your imagination, but subjects must be items that have been forgotten, unloved or unused.

Before you submit your entries to make it fair on all members, please make sure that they conform with the definition.

Secondly, a mention of the results of the Australia Cup which our club entered earlier this year. Our club came in 21st of 46 clubs around Australia, which is a solid result, but the main news was that Ed Anderson scored an APS Silver Award for his entry Fast Moves. A top three finish from clubs all around Australia. Extremely well done Ed.

Thirdly, we have some new members who have just joined our Club. Mike West and Airlie Andrews have already been to a few of our meetings, and also Bill Ewen has joined us from Hervey Bay. Please make the new members welcome.

by Keven Hyde, October 10, 2018

Set Subject for October – PLEASE READ

We have issues regarding images not meeting the definition of the set subject on a regular basis. Our current process is based on an honour system, where we trust the member to read the definition and to do their best to comply to it. The alternative is to have a panel check the images and disqualify those that they perceive are not compliant before judging, or to allow the judge to adjudicate (as we also do). With each of these approaches, there will be members who will be upset by the process.

I am regularly asked questions like: how come images of a single leaf are accepted, when the definition clearly states leaves. Or how come the subject is looking down from above, and there are images where the camera lens is almost horizontal. We could argue each month as to whether some images have truly met our definition, so I am pleading with all members to please read the definition clearly each month and do your best to comply with it. It is unfair on those who have consciously met the definition to have images that have not met the definition be accepted and win awards. The onus is on YOU.

The definition for October is BEFORE AND AFTER. 

A single image or a diptych illustrating a significant change over time of the elements depicted.

by Keven Hyde, August 26, 2018

After Dark – Set Subject for September

The results have all been published for our July competitions.

The closing date for our September competition is Wed 22nd August and the subject is After Dark.

An outdoor image that must be taken during the hours of total darkness, with no camera flash. Any subject matter may be used, such as buildings, car lights, light painting etc., but the image must demonstrate that it has been taken after dark.

by Keven Hyde, July 30, 2018


Please ignore my last post and the subject title for June.

I had missed that the organisers had changed the set subject title, and it is now REPEATING SHAPES.

And here is the definition:

An image where a series of the same or similar elements are repeated in such a way as to add strength to the overall image.

My apologies if you had started work on my previous definition.

by Keven Hyde, April 29, 2018

Repeating Patterns is Set Subject for June

Results are on the website for our April competition, and there were many fine and interesting entries by our Club members. It was a difficult night for our judge to sort through so many interesting images, which meant many good images missed out. But do not worry, there is always next month.

Our next set subject is REPEATING PATTERNS

This is an Interclub subject and we have not been supplied with a definition. So here is what I have tracked down to help with a direction.

Patterns, both natural and man-made, bring a sense of visual rhythm and harmony to photographs that, like a series of repeating notes in a melody, capture the imagination. Patterns appear whenever strong graphic elements—lines, colors, shapes, or forms—repeat themselves. … Lighting is another potent painter of pattern.

Wikipedia starts: pattern is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design.

The Dictionary includes: a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done:

Do your own research and remember that not all patterns are geometric.

by Keven Hyde, April 28, 2018