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Club Competitions for 2019

We have a new structure for our Club competitions for next year, starting in February. And we have a switch of Competition nights from the 4th to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The competitions for 2019 are:

Set Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade Print (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Set Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject A Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

Open Subject B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

ART Combined A and B Grade DPI (Colour or Mono)

The current set subject mono for prints and DPI’s is being replaced by the Art category.

This is to encourage more creative works from members, and hopefully this will include many monochrome entries.

The Results are out for October

Sorry for the delay, but the results are finally out for all the October competitions.

That only leaves our Annual competitions and perpetual trophies to go. Entries close on Wed 14th November, which is a competition night.

Make sure you bring along all of your prints that have scored 7 or above this year for image of the year judging.

And don’t forget to register and pay for our Christmas Party on Sat 8th December.

November Set Subject and More…..

Firstly, a reminder that the set subject for November is FORGOTTEN OBJECTS, with closing date Wed 24th October.

A chance to use your imagination, but subjects must be items that have been forgotten, unloved or unused.

Before you submit your entries to make it fair on all members, please make sure that they conform with the definition.

Secondly, a mention of the results of the Australia Cup which our club entered earlier this year. Our club came in 21st of 46 clubs around Australia, which is a solid result, but the main news was that Ed Anderson scored an APS Silver Award for his entry Fast Moves. A top three finish from clubs all around Australia. Extremely well done Ed.

Thirdly, we have some new members who have just joined our Club. Mike West and Airlie Andrews have already been to a few of our meetings, and also Bill Ewen has joined us from Hervey Bay. Please make the new members welcome.

Set Subject for October – PLEASE READ

We have issues regarding images not meeting the definition of the set subject on a regular basis. Our current process is based on an honour system, where we trust the member to read the definition and to do their best to comply to it. The alternative is to have a panel check the images and disqualify those that they perceive are not compliant before judging, or to allow the judge to adjudicate (as we also do). With each of these approaches, there will be members who will be upset by the process.

I am regularly asked questions like: how come images of a single leaf are accepted, when the definition clearly states leaves. Or how come the subject is looking down from above, and there are images where the camera lens is almost horizontal. We could argue each month as to whether some images have truly met our definition, so I am pleading with all members to please read the definition clearly each month and do your best to comply with it. It is unfair on those who have consciously met the definition to have images that have not met the definition be accepted and win awards. The onus is on YOU.

The definition for October is BEFORE AND AFTER. 

A single image or a diptych illustrating a significant change over time of the elements depicted.

After Dark – Set Subject for September

The results have all been published for our July competitions.

The closing date for our September competition is Wed 22nd August and the subject is After Dark.

An outdoor image that must be taken during the hours of total darkness, with no camera flash. Any subject matter may be used, such as buildings, car lights, light painting etc., but the image must demonstrate that it has been taken after dark.


Please ignore my last post and the subject title for June.

I had missed that the organisers had changed the set subject title, and it is now REPEATING SHAPES.

And here is the definition:

An image where a series of the same or similar elements are repeated in such a way as to add strength to the overall image.

My apologies if you had started work on my previous definition.

Repeating Patterns is Set Subject for June

Results are on the website for our April competition, and there were many fine and interesting entries by our Club members. It was a difficult night for our judge to sort through so many interesting images, which meant many good images missed out. But do not worry, there is always next month.

Our next set subject is REPEATING PATTERNS

This is an Interclub subject and we have not been supplied with a definition. So here is what I have tracked down to help with a direction.

Patterns, both natural and man-made, bring a sense of visual rhythm and harmony to photographs that, like a series of repeating notes in a melody, capture the imagination. Patterns appear whenever strong graphic elements—lines, colors, shapes, or forms—repeat themselves. … Lighting is another potent painter of pattern.

Wikipedia starts: pattern is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design.

The Dictionary includes: a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done:

Do your own research and remember that not all patterns are geometric.

Its Time to Be CREATIVE

Another competition has been completed with some scoring high and some not so high.

I do believe we are all winners as we all benefit from the critiquing and advice from our judges.

Our next set subject is CREATIVE. Please read and digest what is meant by our definition. Competition closes on Wed 28th March.

Creative images should display a novel or innovative effect from an unusual point or view, an unusual combination of objects, or any other means. Images may be modified during or after exposure to create an experimental technique. There must be a basic photographic image, but digital manipulation may be used, provided the original exposure and the digital manipulation has been performed by the entrant.

A New Year and a New Committee

We have a new Committee comprising of six older members and six newer members which will be a good balance.

Thanks to all the retiring members for all their input and contributions over their time in office, and it is appreciated by all Club members.

And we appreciate then newer members stepping up and contributing to the running and direction of our Club.

A Secretary is required very soon as our Executive makeup is only temporary.

Here is the new Committee for your reference.


President Wendy Geddes
Vice President Lorraine Brace
Secretary Keven Hyde
Treasurer Jane Weir
Newsletter Co-ordinator Nikki Stewart
Events Co-ordinator Ann Bryan
Print Co-ordinator Noeleene Steele
DPI Co-ordinator AnnetteScott
External Comp Co-ordinator Troy Holland
Share Night Co-ordinator Paul Mellick
Technical Coordinator Ed Anderson
Committee Member Helen Hayes
Committee Member Gerry Gibson