Buzz High – Kym Freiberg

Entries for the Australian Cup inter-club photography competition close soon and the images below have been selected from entries into our club competitions over the last 12 months that meet the topic definition:

This is Australia – Any image that shows a flavour of life in Australia including landscapes, people, tents and places including architecture, birds and animals.

Entries must be a single image, so could you please let us know if your image has been selected and is composite? Email to Thank you.

Katoomba Creek – Alison Hall
Morning Walk Byron Bay – Annette Scott
Dickabram Bridge – Barry Beckham
Kimberley Coastline – Bruce Atkinson
Ricks Diner – David Bryan
Lake Mungo – Denise Organ
Lone Punter
Small Leaf Fig – Gerry Gibson
TLC required – Jeff Heck
Wyndham Waters – John Organ
Pitt Street Mall – Mike Cave
Mitchell Falls – Tony Allison
Bald Hills S A – Denise Organ
The Marbles – Ty Fox
Geike Gorge – Allison Hall
Last Light – Barry Beckham
Long Paddock – David Bryan
And I’ll Sing Once More – Di East