By this time next week, all being well, I will be on the other side of the world getting on with my other life. That means that the knobs and buttons that drive our competitions are going to be half a day away at least from being pushed if there’s a problem. It’s the 21st century and that’s OK from a technical perspective, but from the Club’s perspective it’s probably not fair to have a committee member who intends to remain absent for much of the year.

I’m happy to keep doing the necessary tech stuff, but it would be great if someone could hold up his or her hand to actually co-ordinate things while I’m not here in the future, and we really do need more than one person to be familiar with the runnings of the Club competition portal.

Please think about whether that person is you between now and next year’s AGM! The training is free, the coffee is strong, and the seat is warm (actually no, it’s not, but I’d warm it for the right person.)

While I’m on a roll; you may have noticed a certain lack of co-ordination with our share nights and events in recent months. Little things like the odd date mix-up or notices that perhaps could have gone out a little earlier?

That’s because we don’t have co-ordinators for either of those functions either. They aren’t terribly onerous positions, but filling even one of them would make things ever so much nicer for us all!