A couple of people have mentioned in passing that they have had trouble finding something they were looking for on our website. While it was nice to know they thought to look there, it wasn’t great to know they didn’t find what they were looking for!

I really love that feedback because without it I think all is well with the world, and do tend to rest on my laurels! There are some things that can’t be changed but if you think we can do better please let me know.

There are two reasonably reliable ways to find things – the obvious one is to use the SEARCH function which you’ll find just to the left of the main text. It’s not exactly Google, but it is pretty good at turning up things that have been sent out in notices, and it can be quite entertaining reading old stuff that bears no relation to what you are looking for. It does work well enough, but do check that you haven’t just downloaded a set subject list from 2018 when you were looking for next year’s.

The second is behind the secret “INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS” button. Just click on that and pretty much everything you need to know can be found there. If it’s not, let me know and I’ll add it.

Not everything is easy to find or logically filed, but that just makes it more fun than Wordle doesn’t it?