This is our ‘Noir’ Comp Night – the definition is… ‘Noir is the French word for black. Noir is characterised by moody, dark and dramatic images that look straight out of a crime scene filmed in the 60’s. The images are emotive and have a highly specific look to them in lighting, contrast and composition.’

It would be great if you can try to arrive at about 7.00 pm for sign in. 
The meeting will open at 7.15 pm with an update on what’s been happening and judging will commence at 7.30 pm. 
See you there.

Don’t forget next Wednesday night is also the closing date for entries to our September Competition ‘Colour Echoing’, the definition for that is….’Find a subject of colour – building, billboard, car etc, then use another object or persons clothing of similar colour to echo your chosen colour’ For mono images only the primary subject and the echo will be in colour, the remainder in monochrome.

Should lockdown continue for us you will be notified of the arrangements for attending the meeting on line.