Building on the experience of our 2019 “Project” we are now looking for members who are interested in working cooperatively in a small group to further their photographic experience.

In broad terms we are seeking to explore Pure Art Photography, with a view to creating a gallery exhibition of our collective works by June 2022. Initially a suggested bi-monthly meeting schedule is envisaged, but the group may decide on a different schedule is necessary for reasons of its own.

The brief will be developed by the group as the project evolves, however some initial thoughts are as follows:

Pure Art Photography

Not an image you change in Photoshop, but an image that you can use Photoshop to explain it’s being.
It may use minimalism, it may be b&w, it may be colour, it may be from a table top studio, it may be none of these.
It will not be a busy image.
It will be artistic.

The  “Not an image you change in Photoshop”   needs a little explaining, what is meant by that is “a photograph of something ordinary can not be jazzed up in photoshop”.

Whereas an image can be made into something, from an image that can be explained in photoshop, to what the maker has in mind. 

Photoshop does not have to be an essential tool, in the making of this kind of image.

I would like to see that we start off getting to know what we are about, then making an image which we all agree is what we are after.

We would finish up making a number of images, to be decided on by the group, which then could be exhibited not just in our club, but wherever we can.

Last year the presidents trophy is the kind of thing I am thinking of, but last year only a couple of the prints came close to what I had in mind, not necessarily flowers though.

Please let me know your interest  by email,