Have you ever wanted to take your own aerial photos? Next Wednesday YOU CAN! READ THIS CAREFULLY to find out how.

Our Presenter for this month’s Share Night on the 28th April is Drone photographer Rich Johnston from Garricks Camera House.

Rich is offering a chance for all those who are interested in a TRY/FLY experience which will start promptly at 5.00 pm at Bill’s Boat Hire Esplanade Golden Beach before returning to the Club to down load YOUR photos and for the Presentation on Drone Photography. 

The reason for the 5.00 pm start is that the light is starting to fade quite quickly and there are restrictions on using Drones once it is dark. It has taken over two months to procure a Drone photographer for your benefit and Rich has not only come to the forefront but has offered for YOU to have a go at flying one so please give your support by being a part of the TRY/FLY experience.  

Rich’s Presentation  will revolve around the drone being his non-work-related photography, what he considers to be his air borne camera passion which separates his normal life photography by hundreds of feet vertically.This all began with his passion for flying since he was a young man building and flying model aircraft. It wasn’t  long before attaching a very low-res camera to the model aircraft and retrieved what were simply terrible images.  He has come a long way since then and is looking forward to sharing his passion on this side of his photographic with you all on the 28th.