As some will be aware, we have been talking via Zoom with the Sunshine Coast Camera Club in British Columbia Canada for a month or so.

We are now ready to go a little further with them. 

The SCCC is a little smaller club than ours, we have decided to have a Zoom meeting with them on the Friday the 23rd of April at 12 noon, that will be 7pm Thursday for them.

For this meeting each club will show 20 images of the area where we live, as stated below.

We CCG will need to have our photographs ready by the 19th of April for them to be arranged into a slide show so that on the 23rd we can show the people of the SCCC where we live.  We will be able to place them into our website under SCCC competition.

Wide range of topics that could include a local schools, some business, streets, your house, landscapes, seascapes, local folks, environment, wildlife, farming, transport, etc.

As each image is on our screens the maker of the images will have up to 1 minute to explain where the image was taken and what it is, and anything else that is relevant.

We would hope that the comments can be light and casual with some humour.

After that has come to its conclusion we will have time for members of both clubs to tell some stories, what we have coming up etc.etc. 

We will pursue subsequent meetings twice a year or so. 

Those details will be worked out a little later.

We will need those who wish to, to enter 3 photographs, there will be a competition site on our website.

We will have a couple of us to go through the images and choose 20, the makers of those 20 will be the people who make a 1 minute comment on their images.

So set out there if you can and follow the list, this not a competition, we are just showing them on the other side of the world where we live as they will also be doing.