Tomorrow evening, February 23rd right after the AGM, or perhaps right after a cup of tea after the AGM, or perhaps before the AGM, I really don’t know, but tomorrow evening in any case, Peter Hyndman, me, ( forgive me it’s quite strange talking about oneself in the third person) will be talking about himself!

It’s not quite like that though, it’s not just about me, there are two of us.

For a little over a decade for half of each year my wife Jo and I have based ourselves on a small boat somewhere on Europe’s inland waterways practicing our devotion to the art of travelling slowly.

Unlike this notice, my chat is likely to begin in a well constructed, somewhat informative manner, and then deviate as more or less interesting things distract us, just as they do when one is travelling at an appropriate pace.

Come along and discover how you too can spend half of your life doing nothing at all and never quite get finished.