NEXT SATURDAY the 14th of November those of us who are feeling adventurous, want to test themselves and enjoy good company, will travel to Esk for lunch and make one image of the main street of Esk. This is an A Grade and B Grade competition.

We can car pool as we are all going to the same location, we could begin at a central spot and go from there.

We will begin at one of the many cafes in Esk at 10.30am, it is a 1hour and 50 minutes trip from the Sunny Coast. After a nice cup of tea/coffee we will begin to search the main street of Esk looking for the winning image. After you have found that image take one photograph of it, that will be the first in your card, so empty your card and format it before leaving home.

After you have your winning image, you will be free to capture whatever other images you want to.

After having made the image take it home and post process it as much as you wish, you then, will send the original image and the processed image to me, Gerry Gibson.

At 12.30 we will have lunch at the Nash Gallery and Cafe at 212 Ipswich Street, Esk.

You will have until Thursday the 19th to submit your image, during that time you can do whatever you wish to your image, remember though, to win you will have to start off with an excellent image. 

Send a raw or jpg of your original photo before manipulation, as well as a jpg of your final image.

Make it as good as you can, we all will have an equal chance of winning the cherry ripes. And then we will go home via a picturesque route and a cup of tea!!

That one image will be judged by some of our top judges, and the Cherry Ripes will be awarded to the A Grade winner and the B Grade winner, at our Christmas/Awards Night on Friday the 4th of December.

You may note there have been some changes made to this outing.

I hope we all enjoy the day.

Can you let Gerry know by Thursday the 12th if you will be able to attend.