The following is the status of all CCG meetings and outings that now apply following discussion at the Committee Meeting last night.

March 22 – Pt Cartwright early morning photo shoot – this outing will go ahead and is to be attended at member discretion. All other outings until the end of April are now cancelled as is the proposed 3 day adventure to Maryborough from May 15 – 18.

March 25, April 22 – Share Nights – both meetings are cancelled.

April 8 – ‘Summer’ Competition night – part cancelled. Due to the logistics involved we will be cancelling the Print section of the April competition. To arrange a depot for the collection of prints, to then have them sorted into A & B Grades, then into each section and then transported to the judge in Brisbane could prove to be a nightmare. Instead all print images will receive a zero score in MPC. The good thing is you will be able to enter all those print images later in the year into any section of a competition you wish. Please enter your print images for our May competition as usual – a decision will be made closer to the date advising whether the print section will go ahead. The DPI section of our April competition will go ahead as normal. Judging for DPI’s is done remotely with the results posted on to MPC electronically in the usual manner.

We have no idea how long the current crisis will last, the committee will review the situation at committee meetings and advise you accordingly. All decisions made will be based on Government and health authorities advice and fir the well-being of our members.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.