Our selection panel has completed the difficult task of selecting 20 of our best images from the 103 members’ entries. To ensure that the very best images were included in the final selection, two entries were moved to a different category. The final selections are listed below.

Members can view all the entries: go to Enter Competitions > Competitions > 2019 Tewantin Shield > View


  • Gentoo Chick by Mike West
  • Leopard on the Prowl by Ann Bryan
  • On the Hunt by Ty Fox (moved from Odd Numbers)
  • Scarab Beetle by Ralph Brown
  • Nyala Trio by David Bryan


  • My Hubby by Sharyn Glur
  • Didj Man by Mike West
  • Not in the Mood by Keven Hyde
  • Smile of Delight by Annette Wood
  • Indian Girl by David Bryan


  • On the prowl by Keven Hyde
  • Irenic by Ed Anderson
  • Icelandic Fuel Stop by Ralph Brown
  • I am the King by Gerry Gibson
  • Lighthouse Sunrise by Vern Irvine


  • Roll of the Dice by Vern Irvine
  • Three Chairs by Airlie Andrews
  • Desert Safari by Annette Wood
  • Three Camels by Ralph Brown
  • Is This My World by Gerry Gibson (moved from Pictorial)

Congratulation to those members whose images were selected. And good luck! Many thanks to all those members who submitted images, especially our B-Graders who were well represented. Truly, the panel had to make quite a few difficult decisions and there were many lengthy discussions.