It has been agreed to keep the Art category as is for next year, with the definition staying the same. We will be looking at providing information and training on share nights relating to Art, Art History, Art Photography and relevant techniques to assist members understand the category better and move members towards the intent of the category.

Annual Award Category Winners. It has been decided to make a change away from the tradition of using images that have score 7, 8 or 9 to select the winning images for the year in each of our categories. Instead we will be asking members to select their two favourite images for each category to be entered for end of year judging. Competitions will be set up on MPC and you will be given further information as it proceeds.

External Competition Selection Process. To streamline the selection process for our external competitions, we are creating a standing panel of 10 club members. From this group, 5 of the panel will be chosen to be the selection panel for each competition as it arises. The standing panel is being finalised, as is the panel for the Tewantin Shield selection.