Our Interclub comp Selection Panel selected the following entries:


  • Fostering Light by Keven Hyde
  • La Sagrada Familia by Gary Taylor
  • Lyon Museum by Airlie Andrews


  • Roll of the Dice by Nikki Stewart
  • Water Fight by Lara Irvine
  • Wild Dog 3 by David Bryan


  • Little Red Bug by Ty Fox
  • Nest Building by David Bryan
  • Searching by Troy Holland

OPEN (Non A Grade)

  • Coolum Rocks by Paul Mellick
  • Lotus by Lara Irvine
  • A Sunburnt Country by Shary Glur


  • Grandma’s Love by Ty Fox
  • Happy Days by Bruce Atkinson
  • 1 is the Loneliest Number by Annette Scott


  • Is This My World? by Gerry Gibson
  • Lake Edward Trees by Airlie Andrews
  • Mungo Magic by Mike West


  • Loaded by Mike West
  • On the Run by Bruce Atkinson
  • Plying His Trade by Murray Weir

Congratulations to the successful entrants and thank you to all our entrants for submitting 153 images. As I’m sure you will understand, narrowing the list to just 21 entries was a lengthy and difficult process. Thanks to the selectors.