The results are up on the website now for the March competitions, and congratulations to all winners, and almost winners.

Our Set Subject for May is From A Poem.

An image that has been inspired by a line of poetry. Preferably not the title, but a line from the poem that you can capture in your image. How you approach this is fairly open, but remember to include your one line of poetry in your final image (but not your name or the name of the author). Hints: 1. Do not print the title. 2. Do not print a whole verse. 3. Those who have been in the Club for some time, this is not one of your pens and lens images. 4. Those who have been in the Club for a while this is not one of your song title images. That means create something NEW (triptych will not be accepted.

We are in the process of creating a definition of the ART category for the use of both members and judges, so both have a clearer understanding of what we are attempting to achieve.

And just to clarify: our judges bring their experience in photography to our Club and apply their knowledge in critiquing our images, and assisting us to improve our photography. It will always be subjective, and their own opinion. There will be times when their opinion differs from ours, but it does not necessarily make one right and one wrong – just personal opinions. They give up their time to assist us in our journey and should always be respected for giving us their their view of photography.